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Imagine trying to run a marathon, but every breath you take in is through a straw. That’s what the factory intake is doing to your car. Upgrading to a cold air intake allows for more air to come in. The intake then cools that air allowing it to expand faster and in-turn increase horsepower. The Magnum Force Stage 2 Si Intake System for the N55 BMW Turbo cars, take the factory pan setting and replaces it with a cone filter that increases by 300 cfi on average. Think about it like taking a deep breath in with your mouth open rather than taking a deep breath through a straw. You’re not going to be able to run long distance at high speeds if all the air you’re taking in is coming through a straw-like hole. Do your car a favor, take out the straw, and let your car intake air with an open mouth.

aFe has specialized in BMW parts for years, their new Magnum Force Stage 2 Si Intake System is made specifically to boost your hp by allowing more air to be cooled on intake. This all new Sealed Intake System produced 9hp and 14 lb/ft of torque and outflows the factory intake by 20%. You car will run like money once this intake is installed on your 135I and 335I vehicle.

Another advantage to the aFe Magnum Force Stage 2 Si Intake System is how easy it is to install. Here is an install video from aFe.

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  1. K&N says:

    I believe cold air intakes are a must have for any car owner. the intakes help your engine preform better. They also increase torque.

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