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For many of us, our project cars can take over our garage or storage area. Having to manually move the car in and out by hand can be tedious. Not to mention the new motor on the engine stand that just can’t seem to fit. Thankfully, Vivid Racing has a solution thanks to Auto Dolly.

Auto Dolly has a wide range of products that will fix many of these issues and more. Their name stems from the their original design of wheel casters designed to make moving your project or weekend car around without much effort. The casters rotate 360 degrees making movement by one person a breeze, no matter the direction you need to go.

Since then, the Auto Dolly has expanded into Auto Rotisserie’s, Wheel Storage Racks, Fold Up Engine Stands and more. All of their products are of the highest quality and are designed to make your garage, showroom or facility more organized and user friendly.

Check out the entire Auto Dolly line, there is no doubt you will find something useful for your garage. Click Here

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