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These are NO LONGER Available.  Vivid Racing no longer endorses this product.  They fell apart after testing and Gradus did not warranty any of them.

Vivid Racing has just hooked up with Gradus Futura who make this amazing carbon fiber exhaust tip for the 996 Turbo. I have been wanting to make a part like this for a while and now it is available! The OEM replacement exhaust tips fit on any exhaust system that uses OEM tips. The BIG OVAL tips are made from 100% carbon fiber. The first question you will ask is wont these fade, peel, or crack from the heat? Answer no!

The exhaust tips they are made using high heat(400′ F) & UV resistant resin so they will not yellow from heat or sun exposure. Gradus Futura exhaust tips all use a floating heat distortion design that reduces transfer of high heat between the tips and exhaust pipes. This makes it almost completely impossible to fatigue from any elements thrown at it. The Porsche tips also include a one year manufactures warrantee to show we are committed to the quality and resilancy of use.

Not that it matters, but these tips do weigh only 4.5oz, so along with the savings of about 30lbs from replacing the factory exhaust, there is another 4 or 5 pound savings!

We are working with them to release some Ferrari 360 and 997 Turbo tips, so stay tuned! You can view the product here –

Please post your comments and feedback and as always, contact us if interested in purchasing!

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