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One of the first things we do at Vivid Racing when we start on a new car project is to ditch that terrible wheel gap every car comes with. There are several way to achieve this such as springs, coilovers or airbags. The biggest determining factor between these options is price, and when it comes to that, nothing can beat a set of springs.

H&R is our go to brand for lowering springs. Their fitment, ride quality and drop rates are nearly perfect. Today, H&R introduced two new applications to their product line. Those are the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. Both cars have the option of the Sport or Super Sport springs. The difference being the lowering range and stiffness. Sport springs are great for every day driving and lower the front 1 inch while the rear drops 1.2 inches. But if you are looking for a little more aggressive stance and need your car to handle like it was on rails, the Super Sport springs are for you. The front of the car will be lowered 1.2 inches with the rear measuring in at 1.6 inches lower.

When you are ready to improve the overall look of your car with a simple, yet effective mod, check out the H&R Springs section by Clicking HERE!

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