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GReddy has long been known for performance. Their products have stood the test of time and have provided countless makes and models with quality performance. Now they have taken their products into the digital age. The new Mutli Gauge from GReddy allows the driver to monitor any number of functions through less gauges. For example, the Boost gauge offers an analog boost along with oil temp and presure digital displays. This means you can view more functions on a single gauge than ever before.

The hybrid digital-analog gauge can select between an optional 7 pieces of data (Boost, Oil Press, Fuel Press, Water Temp, Oil Temp, Voltage and EGT,) to monitor in its integrated EL digital display. Select from Turbo or Oil Pressure analog dials, with various sensors and options to suit any enthusiast. The gauges also include wireless remote that controls all functions, including selection of viewed sensors, 7 color LED backlighting, Peak-Hold and Warning features. The advanced design eliminates the needs for multiple gauges, while making it all simpler to install and view.

Click Here to pick up your set of GReddy Multi Gauges and additional sensor kits.


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