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Performance, Speed and Safety can be a vicious circle. The more power you have, the more safety equipment you need and the more aerodynamics matter. Of course, we can never have too much power when we feel safe and secure.

Meisterschaft exhausts are high quality, high performance products that will also improve the sound of your car across the entire RPM range. Their systems feature 100% stainless construction (or titanium for select models) and are designed specifically for each make and model. Their GTC systems even incorporate an electronically controlled valve that keeps the system mellow for daily driving but opens up on command to give your car the sound it deserves. These valves are infinitely adjustable to fine tune the sound you want which separates these systems from others.. Click Here to checkout the entire Meisterschaft line of exhausts.

One of the best ways to set your car apart from the crowd is through exterior performance upgrades such as aerodynamics and carbon fiber. Some changes can be subtle while other scream “track car”. Agency Power has developed their Porsche 997 Turbo diffuser to be both. The carbon fiber aerodynamic diffuser is designed to improve the look of the car while providing superior performance. The fins direct air smoothly from under the car which helps pull the car to the ground and keep traction on the pavement. The AP diffuser was developed in house to ensure a quality fitment Porsche owners demand. Click Here for more info!

Lastly, OMP can keep you safe on and off the track with their line of equipment. Ranging from gloves, helmets and racing suits to seats, steering wheels, suspension and lifestyle gear, they have you covered. OMP products are the pinnacle of quality and performance. The Italian based manufacture can be seen on some of today’s highest performing race cars, but their pricing puts it within reach for even a weekend warrior. Vivid Racing thinks so highly of their products, that we are trusting our lives to it during our upcoming Targa event in our Porsche Turbo. Click Here for all your OMP needs.

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