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With any Vivid Project Car, we got to start with a baseline.  This helps us know what we have gained, improved, and more over, how freakin fast our car is!  Here at our Gilbert, Arizona facility we use a Mustang all wheel drive dyno.  This dyno is one of the most accurate dynamometers for tuning and testing.  Having a database full of dyno runs since 2006, we can really compare past cars to know where we stand on average when it comes to modded runs or baseline runs.

The 2014 Porsche 991 Turbo comes with a turbocharged 3.8-litre six-cylinder with direct petrol injection producing 520 hp.  Together with a new thermal management system for the turbo engine, fuel efficiency technologies have reduced average fuel consumption up to 16% to 9.7 liter per 100km.  Compared to previous models, the power level of the 911 Turbo was boosted by 20 hp and its torque was increased 10 Newton metres up to 660Nm.  The increased power of the new 911 Turbo was achieved primarily through improving engine efficiency with higher combustion pressures, new valve timing and ignition angle tuning. In the engine of the S model, charge pressure was increased to 1.2 bar to enhance power and maximum engine speed was increased 200 rpm to 7,200 rpm.

With our new Porsche 991 Turbo strapped down for some runs what would it make on the dyno as we posted on our Facebook and Instagram page.   Testing in Sport Mode to take advantage of the 0.15 bar increase for 20seconds in the midrange, the cars first run made 469awhp and 530ft/lbs of torque.  With a 20% drivetrain loss as seen on the Mustang, we were definitely higher than that 416hp number.  To show the effects of leaving a car in sport mode and doing run after run after run, you can see how the EGT temperatures affects the turbos and ECU dropping absorbanent amount of power each time.

Finally for fun, we decided to try out the Mustang Dyno 1/4 mile test.  With a basic tree on the screen, its just like the real thing, kinda.  Using Sport Plus for fast shifts, when the light goes green, its pedal down.  Even with the rollers, traction is a issue.  The car definitely slipped in 1st-3rd gears.  Purely for fun, it could be used to further test out mods without leaving the shop.  I was pleased to know that even with a computer simulated drag race, I have the reaction time of a moose but ran a 12.5 sec pass.  Guess I will stick to my day job!  Check out the pics and videos and keep tabs on our official Project 991 Turbo Gallery Here.

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  1. Dan says:

    Here is a new video showing the runs from the outside.

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