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Now being that this is the ultimate in luxury sedan, we want to make sure we keep it subtle, but still sexy.  So along with our plans to install a Vorsteiner aero kit to go with our Vorsteiner wheels, we are also adding hints of carbon fiber.  One part we just installed is the Agency Power carbon fiber Y-Pipe.  Back in 2011 we developed this part on a different Panamera Turbo here with great success.  After offering the part in aluminum for a while, we decided to also create it in carbon fiber.  Though the powdercoated aluminum looks good, there is nothing more sexy than some carbon fiber under the hood!

The throttle body on the Panamera Turbo is the same size as the Cayenne Turbo which we also use on our 996TT and 997TT TB upgrade kits. The stock YPipe is a 2 piece (halfs) plasic Y design that is smooth on the inside. The bad part about the stock one is it goes from a 78mm ID at the throttlebody down to a appx 2inch 51mm diameter Y split which then goes to rubber boost hoses that expand under pressure. Both of these are a power robbers! If you retain the stock design and stock diameter hoses, you cannot gain power no matter the Y-Pipe material. This is why we made a complete YPipe kit which retains a 3inch aluminum design all the way to the factory end piece connections.

Now because you are replacing all the factory parts with this 3 inch diameter pipe, its a tight fit in there as you can see.  The mouth of the Y-Pipe slides just on to the throttle body and this is secured with the coupler as pictured.  Having been driving around with this in our own car now for a couple of weeks, the improved throttle response from increased air flow going into the throttle body is definitely a plus!

Up next is our installation of the KW DLC lowering module.  Stay tuned to our Panamera Turbo Gallery Here.

Porsche Panamera Y-pipe Graph


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