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Though we enjoy the general styling of our Ford Focus ST, we really wanted to make it pop with a more of aggressive stance remeniscant of a WRC car.  So for the past couple of months we have been going to town with our composite shop on different products.  With a set of custom forged wheels about to land, we had them built specifically for our wide body fenders in the making.  The 4 fender flares will be able to be mounted via double sided tape and self tapping screws.  These will flare the body out approximately 2-3 inches.  We have given the flares some aggressive lines to make it more race look than “bodykit” upgrade.  In the rear we have designed a full undertray carbon fiber diffuser which attaches to the bumper lip and braces off of the rear subframe.  This diffuser goes all the way back underneath the exhaust system to rid the FWD car of that parachute that is created in the rear.  The diffuser which is carbon fiber features 6 different strakes that roll up the bumper lip.  We have started a nice front lip add on piece to give the front bumper a more aggressive look.  A test project for us as well is this full grill replacement out of Carbon Fiber to give more flow to the front mount intercooler while changing up the style of the factory plastic one.

Let us know what you think of these upgrades and stay tuned for more pictures!  View all our Ford Focus ST parts here.

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  1. […] black Focus ST to the next level in styling and performance.  He fitted his car with a set of the Agency Power widebody fender flares.  These fenders were produced in limited quanity.  They allow you to run much wider wheels even […]

  2. Anthony says:

    I have a 2015 Ford focus ST, I’m looking for a wide body kit. How or where might I be able to get my hands on that?

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