Ford Focus ST Dropped and Handled with KW Suspension - 2,783 views

Yes, the Focus ST Project Car is back with an all new update!  We have been busy going top to bottom on creating something very unique!  While we wait for our new 18×10.5 wheels (wink wink), we decided to get the suspension dialed.  Our preferred suspension of choice is the KW Variant 3 or in general, the KW Suspension product.  Their design and function of the coilover which is built in Germany has always impressed us.  Who really cares what we think though when you have 5 out of 6 years winning the 24 hour of Nurburgring race under your belt!  What we do like about the KW V3 is the seperate rebound and compression adjustments.  Whether we use these on our GT-R, 911 Turbo, Mercedes CLS63, or Scion FR-S, the ride is always beautiful for street, but aggressive when the car is pushed.  The adjustments allow for you to fine tune how the shock reacts from compression into a bump and rebounding from a bump.  Setting this to take into account driving style, vehicle use, tire choice, allows for you to have an exceptionally well balanced ride.  Unlike typical coilovers which just have 1 adjustment called dampening, the ability to control either or is what makes this superior.  Its not the number of clicks but what those clicks are doing.

In addition, KW has a patented bump stop material that is used on its shock absorbers.  This material acts like a 3rd spring which is why the spring rates tend to be softer then standard coilovers.  With this bump stop, the car won’t jar you to death but simply soak up the bumps like a well oiled luxury sedan.   With the suspension on the car and it slightly lowered, the handling part is just beginning.  We are also in the middle of developing rear adjustable toe arms and camber arms from Agency Power.  Our front and rear sway bars are being engineered as we speak to complete the entire Ford Focus ST package.  In the meantime you can enjoy one of our ever so popular Vivid Racing Videos of the KW installation and these still pics!

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