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Our love affair with wheels is pretty strong compared to other parts.  Wheels are the one thing that really sets your personality and differentiation from everyone else running the typical styles.  Recently we have been doing  a lot of work with wheel manufacture MHT Wheels and their Niche brand.  As the actual manufacture for many of the most popular wheel brands, we go directly to the source to get the wheels done with the best finishes, sizing, and pricing that is not inflated to cover some other guys car payment!  So we took our 2012 Nissan GT-R and removed the Niche 3piece wheels seen here and added their new monoblock 1piece forged KICKER wheels.  Using a 20×10 in the front and a 20×11 in the rear, the slightly more aggressive wheel really flows well with the super silver color of the GTR.  Toyo R888 tires in 285/40/20 and 315/35/20 give some serious grip with their R compound design.  The entire wheel is gloss black but we had them do a special matte black on the spokes only.  With machined pockets to improve the lightness of the wheels, this large savings in rotational weight help this 700 horsepower GTR get to business.  These wheels can be built in any 19-22 inch size and customized to your favorite color scheme.  Check out all the Niche Wheels Here.


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