600+ Horsepower Snow Slayer with New Agency Power Carbon Lip - 1,501 views

If this car looks familiar, it is because this was our Project Porsche 997 Turbo S.  After we finished the insane rally of the Targa Newfoundland, one of the participants bought the car which now resides in Saskatchewan, Canada.  Due to a little road debris, the original Agency Power carbon front lip took a beating.  So he decided to replace it with our new TA style carbon fiber front lip.  This front lip which fits all Porsche 997 Turbos from 07-12, is a perfect accent for the vehicle.  As seen here, the car with its carbon/black and white scheme is the ultimate snow warrior.  But stay tuned for more as this car makes its way back to the USA to run the 1 Lap of America event.

Here it is doing it big at the Targa Newfoundland –

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