BMW X5M Meets Vorsteiner, Niche, and Meisterschaft - 1,956 views

When you got money, you spend money.  Why else would you need to trick out a SUV.  What once was a soccer moms alternative to a mini van is now a super awesome pavement grinder that can stack up to some of the best cars on the market.  The BMW X5M V8 twin turbo is just as tuneable as other turbocharged vehicles.  With a little juice from a Velos ECU flash and a Meisterschaft exhaust, the X5M is pushing some serious ponies.  Just to prove its power, the owner went to a private airstrip and raced his buddy in a Ferrari California…  End of the day is he can win drag races and haul the family!

In addition to the performance parts, Performance Specialist Josh dressed up the car with a set of Niche 3 piece A250 Pulse wheels.  The wheels have a matte black face with a gloss black lip and inner barrel.  To keep it clean, the 22×10 and 22×12 wheels feature hidden hardware as well as deep concave faces.  Niche wheels made by MHT in Southern California is the actual manufacture of many other wheel companies providing that high quality with quicker lead times and better pricing.  Check out all the Niche 3 piece and monoblock wheels here.

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