Exotic Ferrari, X6 and M5’s straight from Saudi Arabia’s PP-Performance

It’s cool having connection with people all over the world who have the same fanaticism about cars as we do. We hope to one day go and drive a car in every country that we sell parts in. Saudi is a beautiful place that has vast wealth and the cars to show it. One of our dealers was nice enough to send us pictures of his shop and the layout he has setup. Having sweet toys around all the time is just a perk of the car business but PP Performance is on another level of swag, they’ve got everything from Ferrari’s to mini’s.  Check out their setup here. Shout out to our sales guy Ahmed (ahmed@vividracing.com ext: 231) and the people at PP-Performance for hooking us up with these pictures.

This first M5 is outfitted with some of our carbon products and there’s an x6 with an Akrapovic Titanium Tip Exhaust. Which of PP Performance cars is your favorite? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @vividracing.com


















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2 Responses to “Exotic Ferrari, X6 and M5’s straight from Saudi Arabia’s PP-Performance”

  1. […] PPE Performance is one of the shops we work with on a pretty regular basis. They have been generous enough lately to send us some pictures and this time a video of an exhaust install they did. Last time they sent us pictures of their shop, store front and some seductive eye candy. This time their showing off their latest Meisterschaft Exhaust install in a Mercedes S55, plus a video of the test run afterward. Check out the growl of this black panther and some past pictures of PP-Performance. […]

  2. […] PP-Performance, they were showing us  their version of Vivid Racing over seas. They had some shop shots, glamour shots of exotic cars and some installs they were in the middle of. Since then they have been cool enough to share […]

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