Hands Down MOST Insane Looking Mazda RX8 EVER!

These photos were forwarded to Jim and I here at Vivid Racing.  These photos come from our customer Shawn in Singapore.  Shawn has scored a handful of goodies from Vivid Racing, but one thing I have never seen before is this crazy Aero Kit.  Having dealt with companies like INGS, RE-Ememiya, R Magic, Knight Sports, and a hand full of others, this kit is crazy.  And I dont even know what it is.  It reminds me of this super yacht from a Top Gear episode (see below).  Any ways enjoy these pics that he plastered our name on as he was very happy!  View Mazda RX8 Body Kits Here.

Shawn's Battleship Mazda Rx8 From Singapore

Shawn's Battleship Mazda Rx8 From Singapore

Shawn's Battleship Mazda Rx8 From Singapore

Shawn's Battleship Mazda Rx8 From Singapore

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9 Responses to “Hands Down MOST Insane Looking Mazda RX8 EVER!”

  1. Doug says:

    looks like this kit was designed after the lambo reventon in a way

  2. Anne says:

    Super freaking hot car !!!

    Nicely done to differentiate among the other rx-8 i have seen….

  3. Rose R. says:

    Undoubtedly insane cool looking car!

    The paint job looks a job well done. A tad of black or is darker shade of grey matte? The design does not look too outrageous and is very sleek n does look it blends well with the car 😉

    Im in love! Good job vivid racing!!!

  4. Joanne says:


    I love it! The Rx-8 is so low and sleek and the color really makes the car so cool!!!

    Does have the reventon sideskirts but other than that it is still a hot looking Rx-8 with his version on it.
    Why? Cuz among the other 8 i have seen while scouting around to buy with engine swaps and all, it still has the 13b renesis engine! Which is in my hot little dress is a WIN for me!

    Good Job Vividracing ;*

  5. Rocky says:

    I would pay to have that done to my ride….. that is super sick. I’m obsessed with it. Who can fabricate that here???!!!

  6. Dan says:

    If your talking the aero kit, you would probably be looking at a cost of 2 times the car value!

  7. Taylor says:

    Where do you find that aero kit?

  8. Dan says:

    The aero kit was a custom built project. I am not sure of the manufacture. We do offer many RX8 aero upgrades though 🙂

  9. Danyal Sadiq says:

    This by far has been one of the most epic body kits I’ve seen for the rx8 splendid job! I am willing to buy it whatever the price 🙂

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