Nissan 370Z Packaged Well with ARK, H&R, Stillen, Stance Wheels - 2,015 views

Nissan’s have been a car enthusiasts dream for a long long time.  Like if you can remember the Nissan commercials with the 300ZX remote control car driving through the house!  As Nissan evolved from its 240Z to 350Z, they decided to really up the bar with a more power, sleeker looking, 370Z.  With the Nissan 370Z came the tuner market charging hard.  Everything from basic bolt-ons to turbo kits have been thrown at this chassis.  For our customer Colton, he wanted to get his Z looking and sounding stout.  First to get the look he wanted, he lowered the car on a set of H&R Springs and added a set of 20 inch Stance Wheels.  Allowing the V6 engine to breathe more is a Stillen cold air intake kit featuring dual cone filters and a growling burnt blue tip catback exhaust by ARK.  Whats next for this Z project?  Check out Colton and the boys at the upcoming ZDAYZ show!


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