Porsche 981 Boxster Test Drive with Agency Power Exhaust - 8,252 views

Porsche 981 Exhaust and Headers available here

Vivid Racing just finished testing the new Agency Power exhaust system for the Porsche 981 Boxster.  This test involved 3 different sound level systems and high flow cat headers.  Each test we conducted sound decible testing along with a dyno test against our baseline.  Once we chose which sound level exhaust to go with, we thought it was time to do one of our all famous Vivid Racing YouTube Videos!  The mid level sound system we chose gave a great tone to the Porsche 981.  With the headers, the car really came alive.  However because of the high flow catalytic converters and no software currently available, these threw a check engine light.  Based on the dyno sheet as well as first hand driving, the cars low end had very noticeable gains and improved driveability.  The mid range stayed about the same where the peak power was also increased.  All stainless steel and TIG welded, this is the perfect exhaust to equip your Porsche 981 Boxster or Cayman for power and sound.  These exhausts and headers will be available in about 8 weeks for sale.  In the meantime, check out the great video featuring Avant Garde M510 wheels.

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