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Well the title says it 🙂 I am still in love with my 997.1 Turbo so instead of moving to a new 997.2TT right now, a gracious customer has allowed us to do some R&D and show off what we can do with the 997.2 Turbo cars. Instead of the in your face loud style that we did with our Project 997TT, this will be more about the development of each part, what it does, and why. We are focusing on the small add ons to help improve function, driveability, and overall performance. There are many paths to take when modifying your 997.2 Turbo, this is simply another solution.

The story starts…

This car is a new 2010 997.2 Turbo with the PDK transmission. It has the break miles completed and is BONE stock. Out here in AZ we get 91 octane and as I type this, it is 95F outside. The first step in modifying this car will be the ECU update by VRTuned. VRTuned connects to the car via an OBDII cable connected to a windows based laptop. The process for reading and writing files is here. The car comes stock with 500hp to the crank, also know as BHP. But as always when you dyno test, it is in wheel horsepower. Vivid Racing uses a Mustang ALL Wheel Drive dynamometer to get its results. One hiccup with dyno testing “automatic” cars is they like to downshift when you just floor it. So you have to roll into the throttle which takes a couple of tries to find the edge (thanks Ian @ EVOMS). When VRTuned tunes the ECU, they are adjusting boost, fuel, and timing maps. The DFI cars are different then the previous 997.1TT with the amount of boost that it will run. Overall, we expect to see around a 60-80HP gain. But those results will be proven later.

As we tested, the car made 444awhp and 443ft/lbs of torque. This was run with Sport mode off and in 3rd gear. You can see the graph is moved to show starting at 3500rpm as before that we had to light roll in on the gas so the curve was to say the least… odd.

Anyways here is the graph and video. We got some cool things coming up so stay tuned 🙂


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18 Responses to “Project Not Ours – Porsche 997.2 Turbo”

  1. Danny EVOX says:

    That is pretty damn nice. What exactly is this PDK transmission? It doesn’t have any sort of paddle shifters?

  2. icc1709 says:

    That’s pretty damn impressive. Seems like it didn’t lose much power through the crank as usually seen.

  3. UfoZ8myCow says:

    PDK is short for a German word containing about 50 letters that roughly translates to "flappy paddle gearbox."

  4. Danny EVOX says:

    O ok, lol, Germans…

    So how is it hard to get it to stay in a gear with the flappy paddle gearbox? Is there some sort of autoshift?

  5. Germany says:

    Let me try to clarify this as a German.
    PDK stands for "Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe", which basically means Dual Clutch Transmission by Porsche.
    As the name states, it has 2 seperate clutches in one transmission. Normally when you shift in an automatic or manual you have to dis-engage the clutch, remove old gear, select a new gear, engage it and then engage the clutch. You lose time and power

    With this, new system, when you (or actually the Bordcomputer) shifts, one clutch stays engaged while the second clutch already engages to the next "new" gear. As soon as the second clutch is engaged on the gear, the first clutch lets go and you have succesfully shifted 1 gear up WITHOUT any power/torque/time loss. Of course this all happens in a split second.

    Its only available in Automatic or semi-automatics because you can not skip gears with this set-up. Formula 1 uses the same technology.

    Any questions? I hope I could help….

  6. Danny EVOX says:

    No, I understand the ideas of a dual-clutch, SMG, tip-tronic, etc types of transmissions….

    What I don’t understand is why the OP stated the following: "One hiccup with dyno testing "automatic" cars is they like to downshift when you just floor it. So you have to roll into the throttle which takes a couple of tries to find the edge (thanks Ian @ EVOMS)."

    I have an EVO X MR with the same style tranny, and it is easy to get it in gear and keep it there for dyno testing.

  7. vividracing says:

    We just finished testing the VRTuned ECU Flash on a 2010 Porsche 997.2 Turbo. The test car was a PDK running on 91octane fuel with an ambient temperature of about 95F outside. From the factory, the car comes with 500 horsepower to the crank and our baseline done 4 days prior was at 435awhp. Typically the Mustang AWD Dyno has about a 20-25% drivetrain loss when tested. 20% of 500 is 400whp and this car definitely exceeded that. Is it possible the 500HP rating is "underated"??? Whatever the case, once we flashed the 997.2 Turbo through the OBDII port, the car gained 50 all wheel horsepower and 54ft/lbs of torque bringing the car to 486awhp and 501 ft/lbs of torque. This test was also done with a stock exhaust system which is usually extremely restrictive. Stock exhausts generally produce alot of backpressure giving torque spikes. An aftermarket exhaust would gain another 20whp approximately.

    What you can tell from this dyno is that the performance from the VRTuned ECU flash gives a huge improvement in the daily driving rpm range. Peak performance comes on at about 3300rpm and holds strong to 4700rpm where the power then stays consistant to redline. Check out the pictures and video below!

    Holding Solid 15PSI

  8. vividracing says:


  9. Danny EVOX says:

    Wow, this is ridiculous. What is the final goal? 650whp?

  10. vividracing says:

    Well this Project work has gone a little slow do to scheduling but we got back in the mix this past couple of days. Since our last work as seen above, we have now flashed the car back to stock to test a new High Flow YPipe Kit. Our goal is to increase the airflow to give the car better low end torque and more HP throughout the midrange and peak RPM. With the success of our YPipe kit on the 996TT and our 997TT Turbo Kit Ypipe, we did a hybrid and built this new part to work with the OEM intake on the 997.2 Turbo. Airflow restrictions can always hamper performance and power and this part like any other does that as well. Our YPipe kit has smooth mandrel 3inch bends from a 4inch collector that goes to the throttlebody. For fitment reasons, we then neck down to 2.25inches to fit on the stock boost hoses. We have incorporated all fittings/sensors that are required.

    Going off our original baseline using our Mustang AWD on 91octane and about 90F temp, the car made 455awhp and 443ft/lbs of torque. We did these test in standard mode, not sport to see the linear gains. With the addition of our YPipe, we picked up about 10 horsepower and 20ft/lbs of torque. Final number of 463awhp and 466ft/lbs. These numbers represent the PEAK gains on the dyno, however looking at the curve you can see even more gains in different areas. From about 2900rpm to 3700rpm the car gained almost 40ft/lbs of torque and then tapered to the peak torque gain of 20ft/lbs. Besides being a bolt-on power adder, this part adds some extra style to the engine bay! Since the part is made all out of aluminum, we can finish it in any color to match the cars scheme. This particular one was a prototype and we finished it off in Orange.

    Next we will be testing our Straight Pipes, Valvetronic Exhaust (in prototype), and then eventually these mods with the VRTuned Flash again.

    Stay tuned and enjoy!


  11. vividracing says:

    With the car back to 100% stock, we finished the new Agency Power 997.2 Turbo exhaust system and wanted to give it a test. The stock exhaust is very restrictive for sound and emission purposes like most exhausts. The Agency Power not only saves about 30lbs off the rear end, it also improves power quite a bit. First during the R&D we found that the system differentiates from the 997.1 Turbo only that it is 3 inches closer to the rear bumper. After we tackled the fabrication hurdle with our single can muffler and 200cell high flow cats, it was time to dyno. The exhaust made a peak increase in standard mode of 15awhp and 23ft/lbs of torque on our Mustang dyno. However in some spots of the power, curve, this was much higher. We will be sharing the dyno sheets for both standard and sport mode along with a full HD video with driving shots, interior cabin, launch shots, and more. This exhaust will retail for about $3500 and works with the stock tips 🙂 Stay tuned!

    Here is a short teaser pic and IPhone video…


  12. vividracing says:

    Here is an updated HD exhaust video for the Agency Power Porsche 997.2 Turbo System.


  13. vividracing says:

    Track event coming up at Firebird on the 24th of September so we are outfitting the car with all these power mods at 1 time! Should be nuts 🙂

    VRTuned 997.2TT ECU Flash going back on. Exhaust and YPipe next. Will do an updated dyno for ya.

  14. vividracing says:

    Well its good to confirm that the Agency front and rear sway bars fit the 997.2 Turbo. Our Agency Power sway bars are designed to give you the ultimate in handling. Our manufacturer even tested the bars stiffness at each bend compared to OEM. I have ran these on my car for about a year now. The front is 3 way adjustable 25.4mm and the rear is 3 way adjustable 24mm. The rear bar is a complex design of 12 bends which add to its ability to be superior in stiffness.

    The Agency Power sway bars are made in the USA from high strength steel. The adjustability holes have been engineered to not overload the sway bar links causing them to break. The solid sway bars feature 3 way adjustable ends for maximum adjustability for under and over steer. All of our sway bars feature urethane bushings to fit in the stock bracket for an OEM fit.

    Here they are installed –

    Here is the testing data –

  15. vividracing says:

    We did some live broadcasting this morning on our USTREAM Channel Here. We dynoed the car on a beautiful AZ morning with a ambient temp of 90F. The car is on our Mustang AWD Dyno with 91octane. It is a PDK and dynoed in 3rd gear. We ran the car both in standard and sport mode. Standard Mode always makes more power. The car has our Agency Power Exhaust with 200cell cats, Agency Power High Flow Ypipe, and VRTuned ECU Flash. Excuse the sideways iPhone video, but here it is to view – vividracing live dyno of Porsche 997.2TT with Agency Power Exhaust, Y-Pipe, VRTuned ECU Flash., Recorded on my iPhone in in Gilbert, United States vivid…

    Our baseline test was 444awhp. We tested each individual part and this was our combined final test as a package. The ECU alone added 51awhp/54ft/lbs of torque. The YPipe alone added about 10awhp from the individual test. The Exhaust alone added 15awhp. So our final dyno numbers as a package ended up at 525awhp WCF and because of the smoothing option, printed as 518awhp. This is about a 80awhp gain over stock in Standard Mode taking the 997.2 Turbo 3.8L DFI from 500bhp to about 630-650bhp. Our dyno has a 20-25% drivetrain loss and the combination of high temperatures and low octane fuel, there room to gain. 93octane fuel maps have more advanced timing so they make more power. As well, VRTuned is releasing a new "Stage 2" map for these parts which will simply make the drive scream!

    Stay tuned for more info.

  16. Dan says:

    We just did another new product test. A cold air intake kit. We put the car back to stock and it made a nice 30ft/lbs of torque and 15hp. The carbon fiber is super clean and the car responds much better. Overall a really nice addition. We now have these for sale here – http://www.vividracing.com/catalog/agency-power-carbon-fiber-cold-intake-porsche-9972-turbo-p-115166.html

    Agency Power Carbon Fiber Intake 997.2 Turbo

    Carbon Fiber Air Intake For The 997.2

    Carbon Fiber Air Intake For The 997.2

  17. […] that I can now and save my clams for the new new beast to come out. Having already worked with the 997.2TT, we dont have anything new to share except customer cars… BUT I LOVE MY 997TT!!! So what to do? […]

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