Vivid Racing Stage 3 Power Kit Subaru WRX 08-12
Vivid Racing Stage 3 Power Kit Subaru WRX 08-12
Vivid Racing Stage 3 Power Kit Subaru WRX 08-12
Vivid Racing Stage 3 Power Kit Subaru WRX 08-12
Vivid Racing Stage 3 Power Kit Subaru WRX 08-12
Vivid Racing Stage 3 Power Kit Subaru WRX 08-12
Vivid Racing Stage 3 Power Kit Subaru WRX 08-12
Model: VR-STG3-WRX08
Price: $2,149.99   
Vivid Racing;s Stage 3 is the ultimate upgrade for the Subaru enthusiast that wants the most the car can get with the factory turbocharger. We switch the short ram intake from Stage 1 and 2 kits and replace it with the Agency Power cold air intake to help draw in colder, denser air for a more efficient car. Add that with the Agency Power Headers and catless Uppipe and you get a Subaru that will tear up most cars on the street! The headers give the car an aggressive sound as well as allowing the car to hold more power in the higher RPM’s.  The high flow uppipe also helps spool the turbo quicker to make sure you are making power all the way to redline. To top it all of we throw in the custom Stage 3 VR ECU Flash map to give you the most power and performance for the included modifications.  While still maintaining reliability and driveability, this VR Stage 3 kit is the answer to your performance needs.  The VR Stage 3 kit will yield a gut wrenching 70hp and 65ft/lbs of torque to the crank. 

Stage 2 Notes:  Vivid Racing;s Stage 2 Power Kit is catered for those that are looking to make a bit more power than with our Stage 1 Kit.  In our Stage 2 package you get our dyno proven VR ECU Flash, CNC machined racing pulley, and high flow cold air intake kit by Agency Power, but we also include the full Agency Power Turbo Back Exhaust.  This 3 inch stainless steel exhaust system includes a catless race downpipe with bellmouth, resonated midpipe, and high flow muffler featuring titanium tips (Sedan and Wagon exhaust are different).  The addition of the exhaust system will make your Subaru WRX sound more aggressive and keep that turbo spooled up because of the reduction of back pressure.  If you have already done Stage 1, the ECU will need to be remapped because of the reduction in back pressure from the high flow exhaust system.  Once the ECU is remapped, you will not have any check engine lights from the removal of the catalytic converters.  The VR Stage 2 kit will yield you approximately 55hp and 60ft/lbs of torque.

Stage 1 Notes:  Vivid Racing introduces the new Stage 1 upgrade package for the 2008 and up Subaru WRX sedan or wagon. This power package is meant for those that want to keep the car looking and sounding stock, but gain horsepower, torque, fuel economy as well as reliability. The factory equipped ECU tune from Subaru are very lean to help improve stringent emissions standards. While it helps emissions, it is harmful to the motor. This has the Subaru WRX running very lean and in some cases, is the cause for motor failures.  With a safe and reliable motor in mind, Vivid Racing tunes your Subaru WRX with our VR ECU Flash and a Agency Power lightweight crank pulley.  The CNC machined aluminum crank pulley retains the factory diameter but saves almost 4lbs in rotational weight compared to stock.  This not only improves throttle response and horsepower, but can reduce engine wear and tear.  Finally, we add an Agency Power short ram intake to the Stage 1 package to help your turbocharger breathe better.  The short ram intake features a K&N cone filter that attaches to an aluminum MAF tube where the MAF sensor sits on a CNC machined aluminum mount.  This intake does give your engine a more audible tone, but more importantly, improves efficiency.  The VR Stage 1 kit is good for 40hp and 45ft/lbs of torque to the crank.

The VR ECU Flash requires you to mail in your ECU to us unless you have the appropriate OBDII cable where we can email you the files to load to your car.  Regional customers can come in to receive the ECU flash dyno tuned.  The VR Flash can also add a 2 Step Launch Control to your vehicle.  Please see VR Flash Instructions Here.

The VR Stage 1 Kit for the Subaru WRX 08+ Includes:

  • VR ECU Tune Flash
  • Agency Power Lightweight Crank Pulley
  • Agency Power Cold Air Intake or CAI Adapter
  • Agency Power Catless Downpipe
  • Agency Power Catback Exhaust System
  • Agency Power Headers with Uppipe
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