RD Sport Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler BMW 6-Series 03-10
RD Sport Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler BMW 6-Series 03-10
RD Sport Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler BMW 6-Series 03-10
Model: 121 14 63 110
Price: $1,279.99   
RD Sport Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler BMW 6-Series 03+

The RD Sport engineers have come up once again with a subtle but distinct look with their introduction of there Trunk Spoiler for all newer BMW 6-Series. Enhance the high speed stability with the unique approach to design. With the strong attention to detail, RD Sport Trunk spoiler does not sacrifice functionallity and performance by trying to add ellaborate design. With the ease of adhesion technology, the installation of the spoiler is accomplish in rapid time. The need to drill, worrying about paint finishes are thrown out the window.

Finish: Carbon Fiber

Racing Dynamics is the trademark of Racing Dynamics S.p.A., an Italian tuning company specializing in BMW Group motorcars. The company was founded in 1980 in Milan, Italy by Federico Pavoncelli, who is the creative force behind the brand, and his brother Francesco. The distinctive Racing Dynamics logo features a stylized version of the founders family crest, surrounded by the RACING Dynamics wording on an emerald green background.

Racing Dynamics S.p.A. holds the unique distinction of being the sole non-German BMW tuner to have a worldwide market presence. In the early 1990s, Racing Dynamics backed some of the early BMW entries in the 2 liter BTCC, then went on to race its own cars in the Italian and Japanese Supertouring Championships.

Starting in 2003, following a trademark issue with the former U.S. importer, Racing Dynamics S.p.A. began selling its products in the U.S. and Canada (only) under the RDSport brand name.

In 2007 Racing Dynamics, supplied its RS56 V-10 motor Fisker Coachbuild as an option for its own Latigo CS

About Manufacturer: RD Sport
RD Sport makes the most of their know-how gained from the technologically challenging setting of motor sports in 3 fields: weight reduction, aerodynamics and control. Development and manufacturing of racing parts that require being ever lighter and stronger has realized new demands on CFRP products.
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