MOTUL MoCool Radiator Additive 16.9 fl oz
MOTUL MoCool Radiator Additive 16.9 fl oz
MOTUL MoCool Radiator Additive 16.9 fl oz
Model: 847405
Price: $18.25   

Engine cooling is key no matter what your car is designed to do. The MoCool radiator additive can reduce cooling by 30 degrees F or 15 degrees C. 

MoCool comes in a concentrated formula designed to be missed with water at a 20:1 ratio (5%). With MoCool performance additive, heat transfer is improved over traditional coolants. The formula contains corrosion and rust inhibitors designed to keep your engine fresh and safe.

The best applications for MoCool is on cars facing overheating issues or in competition where monoethyleneglycol is prohibited. Designed to be used in cast iron, copper, brass, bronze and especially aluminum systems. The Motol MoCool additive can be used safely with antifreezes and is Rubber, Plastic and seal safe.

About Manufacturer: MOTUL
More than a century and a half of uninterrupted activity which has allowed Motul to constantly modernize itself and climb to the vanguard of technology. This permanent quest and the determination to move forward have led the company to an envied position in its sector. The company enjoys worldwide repute and is unanimously recognized for the quality of its products, capacity to innovate and involvement in the world of competition.

Throughout this history, all Motul's workforce has been driven by a demanding ethos, passion and respect. The men and women who have built and are continuing to build the brand have always found in themselves the strength to keep the company at a highly demanding technical and human level.

Motul specializes in high performance lubricants. We offer lubricants for all types of motorized vehicle.

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