Agency Power Race Roll Bar with Harness and Diagonal Bar Porsche 996 997 Carrera GT3 Turbo
Agency Power Race Roll Bar with Harness and Diagonal Bar Porsche 996 997 Carrera GT3 Turbo
Agency Power Race Roll Bar with Harness and Diagonal Bar Porsche 996 997 Carrera GT3 Turbo
Agency Power Race Roll Bar with Harness and Diagonal Bar Porsche 996 997 Carrera GT3 Turbo
Agency Power Race Roll Bar with Harness and Diagonal Bar Porsche 996 997 Carrera GT3 Turbo
Agency Power Race Roll Bar with Harness and Diagonal Bar Porsche 996 997 Carrera GT3 Turbo
Agency Power Race Roll Bar with Harness and Diagonal Bar Porsche 996 997 Carrera GT3 Turbo
Model: AP-911-500
Price: $1,250.00   

Safety is always the number 1 priority in any high horsepower or track vehicle. For years, Vivid Racing has used others products to keep them safe on the track. Since the release of the Porsche 997, there has been a very limited availability of quality roll bars on the market. Agency Power has worked exclusively with Vivid Racing to develop the best fitting and functional roll bar available for the Porsche 997 Carrera, GT3, and Turbo vehicles.  And now its even better!  The race roll bar fits the 99-05 Porsche 996 Carrera, Turbo, GT3, and GT2 also.

Needing a roll bar for our Project 997 Turbo, we wanted to have something that would provide us the ultimate in protection but also be functional for those days w HERE you needed the back seats. Unlike other roll bars we have used in the past on our Project 996 Turbo, t HERE is no drilling required. This roll bar is a direct fit using the factory seat belt mounting points with the CNC machined bushings included. To 1 UP the competition, we have added functionality by creating a seperate removable diagonal and harness bar.

The harness bar is essential for those at the track running their 4 or 5 point harnesses to keep them secured in the seat. The diagonal bar is added safety for roll over accidents and together they add rigidity to the chassis. However both these are removable to provide full functionality of the rear seats. Each bar is independent of each other mounting securely in place with the hardware provided. Another factor we added in production of this roll bar is to lower the height for easy installation and clearance on sunroof vehicles. Other companies roll bars are really designed for non sunroof cars or full track applications. As we found out testing another product, this hits your headliner causing damage to the beautiful suede interior.

Once installed, t HERE is plenty of room to recline the seat or even move it backwards for the taller drivers. These bars meet safety regulations required by most event associations. To build these roll bars, a CNC precision mandrel bender was used to create the basic hoop shape which fits all Porsche 996 or 997 Turbo, Carrera, GT2, and GT3. The 1.5" diameter 1010 steel bars are robotically welded together. These roll bars are made exclusively for Vivid Racing by Agency Power and available in 3 colors for immediate shipping. Custom colors can be done for an additional charge.

This item ships via oversized freight and includes all hardware needed for installation.  Please select your color below.


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Agency Power Race Roll Bar with Harness and Diagonal Bar Porsche 996 997 Carrera GT3 Turbo Reviews:
TEXT_OF_5_STARS Posted on 02/27/2011 by by myron krupp
"I have your agency power roll bar/harness in my 997gt3rs. It is user friendly . It is used primarily as a mount for the harnesses and secondarily for some added structural support. I am very satisfied with your product"
TEXT_OF_5_STARS Posted on 01/19/2011 by by Craig Nugent
"I was one of the first guys to have this in a car. I purchased it the day they came out, so I guess it's been a year or two that I have had it. For what I do, is PERFECT! I track my 997 as much as I can. I run with PCA, Redline time attack, realtime attack (new east coast time attack club) and Exotics rally who hold many track events all over the new England area. I have always passed tech at all of these clubs. When I run with ER, the track usually supplies a tech guy and we have run at some very strict tracks (Monticello) and its passed. Like Dan has said, this is a great bar for everything but a full time race car! I shopped around a lot to find one that would fit me, and this was honestly the only one! I'm 6'3" 350lbs and most of these bars out there have you pinned straight up giant the wheel!"
TEXT_OF_5_STARS Posted on 01/19/2011 by by MBailey
"I have very good experiance with this roll bar. It is easy to put in an take out and I am sure gives added protection in the event of a rollover. The only racing event I have used it for is the Texas Mile which is a NASA event I believe. The 4 point roll bar is required for this event if you plan to go faster than 190mph. The bar always passes tech inspection. I have communicated with the tech director for the 2011 events and he tells me the AP bolt-in 4 point RB will continue to pass inspection for 190+ speeds in spite of that little Lambo incident last time out..."
TEXT_OF_5_STARS Posted on 01/19/2011 by by Eric@AMS
"We have this roll bar installed in our shop car and I can say the fitment was superb and install was really straight forward. We pride ourselves on designing perfectly fitting high quality parts and this piece even held up to our stringent standards. Great job Vivid!"
TEXT_OF_5_STARS Posted on 01/19/2011 by by joe731
"I am running the Agency Power roll bar with no issue. I think it is a good product, with good fit and quality for the purpose it was made for, and is certainly comparable to the no longer manufactured Porschetech roll bar, which also attaches to the seat belt attachment points. The advantage of this attachment method is that it is easy to install/deinstall with limited tools and manpower. In addition, I like it better in that I can remove the cross members in winter and get better access to the rear for storage. Have I rolled the car, no. Do I have confidence that the bar gives me additional protection, yes. As much as a full roll cage, no, but that was a trade-off I was willing to make. Every person needs to make their own choices regarding level of modification/hassle/money and safety. If we were all truly safety focused, we'd all wear nomex 100% of the time, have real fire suppression, fuel cells, fuel cut-offs and always use a hans devices with our SA2010 helmets, right? All of that said, I run my car at DE events, not club racing events, so I am unfamiliar with the specific requirements for club racing, which is different than DE."
TEXT_OF_5_STARS Posted on 01/19/2011 by by Geo_First
"We installed this bar in a customers cars (we are a new car dealer) and have had nothing but great feedback the install is breeze. The customer loves its function and for the track events they do, there has never been a question about it. It's not a cage replacement but that is not its intent. We recommend it all the time for a club car bar, I wish they had them for all makes and models because we could sell them like crazy."
TEXT_OF_5_STARS Posted on 04/02/2010 by by Dave
"Purchased the roll-bar in carrerra white to match the outside and center console of my 2007 GT3 -- install went relatively quickly once I figured out that I absolutely had to remove both the driver and passenger seats. The bar was very nicely built and painted, and looks great in place. Very satisfied :)"
TEXT_OF_5_STARS Posted on 11/02/2009 by by Mobonic
"Build Quality and look is fantastic! Thanks to Dan @ VIVID RACING, a few weeks ago we received our new roll bar. It looked fantastic. The great thing about this bar is that the harness bar and cross brace bar can be unbolted and gives you access/use to the back seats when not on the track. This is the first bar that I have seen do this and it works great and super quick to do. The roll bar for anyone going to the track is a MUST. After installing I felt a lot more comfortable on the track and increased my speed, knowing that I was safer if the worst happened. If any of you don't have a roll bar because you still need to use the back seats, then this is the roll bar for you. Its much safer than using a B&K harness bar and the cost is just about the same."
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