Greddy Gracer Front Lip Spoiler Toyota MR2 90-96
Greddy Gracer Front Lip Spoiler Toyota MR2 90-96
Greddy Gracer Front Lip Spoiler Toyota MR2 90-96
Model: 17010061
Price: $260.00   Sale: $243.10
Greddy Gracer Front Lip Spoiler Toyota MR2 90-96

Gracer Aero Parts are designed to enhance your vehicles apperarance while providing good aero dynamics. The parts also help in handling and providing adequate amounts of airflow to critical engine components, such as intercoolers and turbochargers. Fully tested and constructed of the finest composite materials to fit your car with only minimal prepping for painting.

Front Spoilers are the first point to receive airflow resistance; the design of the front spoiler determines the final handling of the vehicle. The GRACER front spoilers are designed to reduce airflow going beneath the vehicle and also direct air to critical areas such as the radiator and intercooler.

Made from Urethane
Greddy Gracer Front Lip Spoiler Toyota MR2 90-96 Reviews:
TEXT_OF_5_STARS Posted on 08/10/2010 by by diego
"very beautiful body kit for mr2 drivers if you love your mr2 your gona love it way mroe once you get you hands on this every time i turn at a corner people are brakeing neck and ti really goes with your car if its black or white everyone i know wants a rm2 to buy this kit"
About Manufacturer: Greddy
Greddy - Turbo, Exhaust, Gauges & More. A company founded and managed by racers and enthusiasts, GReddy has one prime goal, to develop products that increase performance. To this end, the GReddy spirit of constant evolution shows in every product we offer. The reputation of the GReddy performance line for US spec, European Spec and JDM vehicles is unsurpassed and backed by a sales and service organization second to none. In our Irvine facility we maintain and excellent inventory of product and are able to maintain a 90% fill rate on orders, a number hard to match in today's changing marketplace. Our application listings are extensive, covering most of the popular vehicles with a broad variety of products, We employ a constant customer awareness program with a feed back channel, which is used to further improve our product lines.
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