PIAA 520 Series 55W=110W SMR Xtreme White Plus Driving Lamp Black
PIAA 520 Series 55W=110W SMR Xtreme White Plus Driving Lamp Black
PIAA 520 Series 55W=110W SMR Xtreme White Plus Driving Lamp Black
PIAA 520 Series 55W=110W SMR Xtreme White Plus Driving Lamp Black
Model: 5214
Price: $159.00   Sale: $135.15
PIAA 520 Series 55W=110W SMR Xtreme White Plus Driving Lamp Black

PIAA is the world class manufacture of high performance lighting products. PIAA has a half-century of designing and manufacturing experience of producing performance bulbs and lamps which at the moment of turning them on the difference will be seen instantly.

PIAA has a solution for all requests. The SMR Series comes in a preferred "clear" lens design. The SMR features PIAAs computer designed Super Multi-Reflector technology reducing the stray of light that always seems to be produced by any factory lens. The SMR series reduces it by extremely focused beam pattern without the use of lens fluting. Also, the guarrantee of nowing engineers provide each design with there signature durabiliy.

Key Features:
  • Watts - 55W=110W
  • Finish - Black
About Manufacturer: PIAA
PIAA Corporation was established in 1963 with the commitment to manufacture world-class driving lights that our customers could use with pride and confidence. Today, PIAA upholds that commitment by combining market driven concepts with the latest technology to make night, inclement weather, and off-road driving as safe as possible. Research and Development is at the heart of what PIAA does, and we take it very seriously. PIAA’s R&D technicians continually raise the bar on visibility products. The PIAA design process is simplistic in nature and has never varied since the founding of the company in 1963: Make the best products possible, and never compromise. PIAA has taken these same values and expanded the business to from driving lights to fog lights and high out put replacement bulbs. Today PIAA is leading the way in the off road market with the new developments in their proprietary LED technology, as well as Xenon performance.

PIAA has been the acknowledged leader in innovative automotive products for decades. Visionary design, inspired engineering, and quality components are the hallmark of PIAA’s reputation with drivers of distinction. Propelled by PIAA’s Technical Design Center, our products cross the line from ordinary to extraordinary.

“Dependable and reliable under the most severe racing conditions,” note racing professionals. PIAA lenses are computer designed for optimum performance to withstand the rigors of off road racing and normal highway hazards. PIAA’s lamps feature a specially designed housing making it possible for the lamps to operate using higher wattage bulbs without sacrificing bulb life. EASE OF INSTALLATION You don’t have to be an automotive electrician to install PIAA light kits. First, all PIAA light kits come complete with a pre-assembled wiring harness which includes relay, fuse, and switch. Second, PIAA offers a wide range of mounting kits designed to ease installation of your PIAA lighting system. PIAA mounting kits come complete with everything you need to make your installation almost effortless. The use of PIAA mounting kits ensure a professional looking installation you can be proud of.

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