FLIR Pathfinder Night Vision Camera
FLIR Pathfinder Night Vision Camera
FLIR Pathfinder Night Vision Camera
Model: NTV-KIT017
Price: $2,750.00   
FLIR Pathfinder Night Vision Camera

PathFindIR is a powerful thermal night vision camera that lets drivers see clearly in total darkness. Typical headlights only let you see about 450; straight ahead, but PathFindIR sees heat not light, so you can see everything in front of you. PathFindIR lets you see clearly, night and day, in good weather and bad, without being blinded by the glare of oncoming headlights. See road hazards sooner, have more time to stop, more time means more options, smoother driving in emergencies, and more room to stop. It;s the one thing that can help you avoid traffic accidents. With PathFindIR, you can see pedestrians, cars, animals, and virtually any other hazard from farther away, and as they approach the road from either side.

  • See pedestrians and vehicles past the glare of oncoming headlights
  • See many hazards from 4x farther away than with headlights
  • See the side of the road with PathFindiR;s wide-angle view
  • See though dust and smoke
  • Have more time to react
  • Avoid accidents and stay safe.

  • Please Note: This is camera only, harness and mounting bracket are sold separately. Will only be sold to Domestic buyers. We will not ship the FLIR products outside of the US.
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