Cosworth EC Pro Engine Management Mitsubishi EVO IX Mivec 2.0L 06-07
Cosworth EC Pro Engine Management Mitsubishi EVO IX Mivec 2.0L 06-07
Cosworth EC Pro Engine Management Mitsubishi EVO IX Mivec 2.0L 06-07
Cosworth EC Pro Engine Management Mitsubishi EVO IX Mivec 2.0L 06-07
Cosworth EC Pro Engine Management Mitsubishi EVO IX Mivec 2.0L 06-07
Model: 30C-550040
Price: $3,300.00   Sale: $3,217.50
A higher performance solution for engine management is available from the Cosworth ECPro professional motorsport ECU. Engineered in conjunction with an electronics team who developed the world renowned Pectel Control Systems range, the Cosworth ECPro features an OEM compatible harness connector and a full base calibration allowing you to go straight to the dyno without the workload of full ECU and vehicle configuration.

Designed for full OEM harness and system integration Plug and Perform. Base calibration supplied to run a stock engine. There is no need for replacement of OEM wiring harness or sensors. Makes use of OEM dash

56Mhz MPC565 processor. Higher performance timing accuracy and control. Ethernet comms for fast data offload and high quality data viewing on the PC.

Internal logging memory. Pre-configured logging channel configuration at optimum rates for performance and diagnostics analysis by your dealer. User can define specific logging configurations. 4MB on board internal memory and up to 2,000Hz of logging bandwidth is standard.

Knock monitoring and control. Advanced knock processing chip offers industry leading advanced knock signal filtration and signal processing. OEM MIL lamp indication of Detonation levels (with user defined levels based on RPM and Boost).

Calibration select. (e.g. Fuel save, Test, Race) Use of the OEM SI Drive switch for switchable performance selection of 3 alternate calibrations (calibration selectable for boost, fuelling, ignition,rev limit, ALS setting, VCAM target, Fly-By-Wire pedal mapping, and overrun fuelling cut-off individually selectable for Intelligent, Sports, and Sports-Sharp).

Pectel ALS (Anti Lag System) OEM switch (cruise control button) used for ALS mode select.

Analog inputs for external sensors. Additional pressure transducers, temperature sensors, and digital inputs can be wired into the EC Pro for logging additional engine parameters and/or additional control strategies. Access dependant on user level access (Customer, Advanced customer or ECPro Authorised Dealer).

Closed Loop Boost Control. Full closed loop or open loop boost control via PID parameters and solenoid duty cycle map. Closed loop boost levels are also selectable via calibration select (see above).

Additional Features:
  • Standard Motorsport Design
  • OEM Narrow Band Supported
  • External Wideband Supported
  • Internal Wideband Supported
  • Variable CAM
  • External Comms Support
  • Designed for Racing
  • Thermocouple Support
Exclusively available from select Cosworth dealers. Available for North American Vehicles only.
About Manufacturer: Cosworth
Over the last 50 years Cosworth have developed an in-depth knowledge of engines, electronics and a range of high performance technologies. This has been used to supply some of the most successful motor sport teams and vehicle manufacturers in history.

Our unprecedented success has fueled customer demand globally from diverse market sectors designing and developing technologies and components for aerospace, automotive, defense and sport applications.
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