Aeromotive Compact EFI Regulator
Aeromotive Compact EFI Regulator
Aeromotive Compact EFI Regulator
Model: AER-13105
Price: $215.32   Sale: $178.72
Aeromotive Compact EFI Regulator

For applications producing up to 1,000 HP where space is at a premium.

Compact design fits small engine compartments while providing big performance, flows enough to handle 1,000 HP fuel pumps. Ideal for EFI systems where only one inlet is needed.

Adjustable from 30 to 70 PSI.
New design, equiped with removable -6 AN male fittings for inlet and outlet ports- eliminates the need to buy additional fittings and O-rings.
Vacuum/boost port relocated to the side of the cap for easier pressure adjustments. Fuel pressure will rise on a 1:1 ratio when referencing boost.
Bright zinc-plated steel bracket.
About Manufacturer: Aeromotive
To us, passion is defined by three generations of performance. Aeromotive is the by-product from generations of blood, sweat and tears that has shaped our knowledge and experience. Our commitment to develop the pinnacle of performance products comes from our history, our real world experiences and our passion. That’s why you will see us at the track, driving our cars, testing our products, learning from our peers and living the industry we love.
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