DMC Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Maserati Gran Turismo 07+
DMC Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Maserati Gran Turismo 07+
DMC Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Maserati Gran Turismo 07+
Price: $7,653.00   Sale: $7,270.35
DMC is a German designer of exclusive automobiles that redefines luxury tuning for owners of high-end automobiles, including Lamborghini and Ferrari. They offer individualization options for both your cars interior, and exterior designs. The base of their technological expertise combines aerodynamical carbon fiber body kits that stand out with their dynamic design, yet keep original values.

This redesigned front bumper for the Maserati Gran Turismo adds an aggressive look to your vehicles front appearance. Race enthusiasts will choose carbon fiber for a significant weight reduction and great looks, but even in its regular form this bumper facelifts your Gran Turismo to a whole new dimension that makes it very unique.
  • 100% Carbon Fiber, Autoclave produced and primed.

Fits all Maserati Gran Turismo models 2007+.
About Manufacturer: DMC
DMC Tuning designs and manufacturers the highest quality carbon fiber components for an exclusive line of high performance automobiles. Their designs refine the OEM style while enhancing the aerodynamic flow and capturing the uniqueness of each individual vehicle. DMC's German founders have a remarkable passion for luxury cars and their distinctive design features. The enhancements they create embody an appreciation towards automobile tradition, craftsmanship and precision technology. It is these values that defined the name "Made in Germany" all over the world as a sign of products of the highest quality. DMC design techniques are cutting edge and incorporate unparalleled manufacturing standards. Using remarkably intelligent engineering combined with the finest materials and manufacturing practices shows DMC's leading quality and passion to produce the best.
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