Axxis Ultimate Front Brake Pads BMW M30 E30 87-91
Axxis Ultimate Front Brake Pads BMW M30 E30 87-91
Axxis Ultimate Front Brake Pads BMW M30 E30 87-91
Model: 45-0253EU
Price: $53.91   
The AXXIS Ultimate is one of the newest high performance street pads to be introduced into the North American market. AXXIS Ultimate pads feature a special Kevlar and ceramic strengthened non-asbestos formula with a high co-efficient of friction and very high temperature fade resistance. Designed for extreme high performance street driving and hard braking applications, Ultimate pad users will benefit with extreme stopping power and high resistance to brake fade at high temperatures with a Maximum Operating Temperature (MOT) of 500 C degrees (932 F deg), and minimal co-efficient of friction loss throughout it's entire operating temperature range.

Available for most import, domestic and European applications, all AXXIS Ultimate feature an integral anti-squeal shim for quiet high performance operation. Possessing a combination of cold stopping performance, high temperature fade resistance, anti-squeal shims, and wear sensors where applicable, the AXXIS Ultimate is the perfect combination with any performance brake disc>
These pads can be used for street or track applications.

  • Special ceramic formulation
  • Integral shim delivers quiet operation
  • High co-efficient of friction
  • Exceptional braking power with shorter stopping distances
  • High resistance to brake fade at high temperatures
  • Low-metal content
  • BMW M3 (E30) 1987 - 1991
About Manufacturer: Axxis Brake Pads
Axxis brake pads offer an affordable solution for brake pads on almost all make and models. They have braking compounds for both street and aggressive/weekend track days. Axxis pads are designed to work with the oem calipers and rotors of most vehicles.

The testing location just minutes from the outback of Australia allows them to accurately assess and continuously improve the performance of their formulations. Testing is done year-round, where the temperature can drop below freezing, and soar to nearly 120 degrees Fahrenheit; major tests for brake components. With today’s cars engineered from the factory to achieve very high speeds, their brake pads are designed to stop vehicles as quickly as possible, with the finest formulations anywhere. Testing is done on a variety of vehicles that fit every Asian, European and US domestic type vehicle…ensuring their brake pads fit and perform better than any pads in the world.

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