Cargraphic Titanium Black Enamel Exhaust Tips Porsche 997 997.2 GT3 07-11
Cargraphic Titanium Black Enamel Exhaust Tips Porsche 997 997.2 GT3 07-11
Cargraphic Titanium Black Enamel Exhaust Tips Porsche 997 997.2 GT3 07-11
Model: CARP97GT3350TENA
Price: $818.13   
The Porsche GT3 was designed for one thing and one thing only; performance driving. Why limit yourself with Law-Restricted exhaust parts? Cargraphic knows just what it takes to make a Porsche fly, their track records proves it. So they have designed a bunch of exhaust kits for the GT3. There is a kit for everyone, all you have to do is decide which one fits you and your car.

Gorgeous titanium tailpipe, 2x 89mm 23 degree slash cut and rolled. Extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 400g. For Cargraphic exhaust system kits 1-6. Beautiful black enamel tips.
About Manufacturer: Cargraphic
As experts in performance, design and individuality, our quest is to serve our customers with competitive solutions from the highest quality. To maintain these high standards and ever increasing responsibilities, CARGRAPHIC has decided to restructure the Company.
As from now, Cargraphic Michael Schnarr GmbH supplies Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Benelux Countries. Our team, the CARGRAPHIC Thomas Schnarr GmbH will serve the rest of the world.
Our company will continue to focus its attention on selected markets and to develop products, solving individual customer's and market requirements.
The professional rapport with customers is structured on longevity and coincides with CARGRAPHIC's extensive knowledge, acquired over a 25 year period as a recognized performance partner.
Furthermore we are pleased to present to you our new logistics and R&D center in Offenbach that will help us to accelerate all our logistics processes and to develop new products meeting our international customers' needs and wishes.
The CARGRAPHIC Thomas Schnarr GmbH Team is led by Thomas Schnarr (President) and the following staff members; Bernhard Heller, Manuella Fernandez, Sophie Robichon, Alexander Anton, Michael Mergenthaler and Alexander Scheydt work meticulously to fulfill CARGRAPHIC's ideology:
  • Perfect vehicle performance
  • High quality and individuality
  • Customer satisfaction
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