Megan Racing Silicone Radiator Hoses Subaru Impreza GC 95-01
Megan Racing Silicone Radiator Hoses Subaru Impreza GC 95-01
Megan Racing Silicone Radiator Hoses Subaru Impreza GC 95-01
Model: MR-6140
Price: $117.60   
Megan Silicone Radiator Hoses Subaru Impreza GC 95-01

The radiator and water pumps are often constructed of metal components which can take quite a bit of abuse. But most forget that the plumbing cooling systems are constructed of flexible soft-rubber hoses that are easily overwhelmed and can burst under the rigors of competition. Megan Racing has now developed a line of Silicone-based coolant hoses that are designed to take a higher range of heat and coolant pressures than OEM hoses. Silicone has a much higher tensile strength than the OEM rubber hoses which will prevent the hoses from expanding which will keep your coolant from creating air-bubbles in the system which can reduce the efficiency of coolant flow throughout your power plant. Created with competition vehicles in mind these hoses are the ideal upgrade for any vehicles that strive to increase the efficiency of their vehicle the right way. These silicone radiator hoses make a great addition when upgrading your vehicles cooling system with a Megan radiator.

The Subaru Impreza‚Ź_s rally inspired design has made it extremely popular among car enthusiasts. The Impreza is designed to be pushed to its limits both on the street or the racetrack. Megan racing‚Ź_s radiator hoses increase the limits of your Impreza by withstanding the higher engine temperatures and pressure that come with spirited driving. Avoid the headache of blowing a radiator hose at the racetrack or on the street by upgrading your radiator hose to a more durable silicone unit before it is a problem. Megan Racing silicone radiator hoses give you the piece of mind knowing that your cooling system can handle whatever extreme conditions you find yourself in.

  • Compound by both EPDM material and two Layun mesh layer woven. Double wrapped provide high endurance and reliability.
  • Double layer pressure bearing 140 PSI, 150% stronger than OE rubber hose.

  • Fits:
    Subaru Impreza 95-01
    About Manufacturer: Megan Racing
    Since its inception in 2001, Megan Racing Inc. has always stuck with the same goals and principles that have carried its name throughout the years. Megan Racing was founded on the belief that the goal of the automotive enthusiast should not be limited by the size of ones wallet, but rather on their heart and passion for motor-sports.

    The spirit of competition has been around for the last century and continues to live within each enthusiast today. That same spirit led the founder of Megan Racing to seek out a way of manufacturing quality performance parts while having them affordable for the grassroots enthusiast.
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