Greddy Radiator Breather Tank Toyota Honda
Greddy Radiator Breather Tank Toyota Honda
Greddy Radiator Breather Tank Toyota Honda
Model: 12400905
Price: $175.00   Sale: $163.63
Greddy Radiator Breather Tank Toyota/Honda

Designed originally for racing engines, today„Ė_s compact production engines can also benefit from the used of GReddy„Ė_s Radiator Bleed Tank. By mounting the tank high up in the engine compartment, you can be assured that of a fully filled system with room for air expansion, thus reducing chances of overheating due to air-lock. Block-off radiator cap included.

N-Type Cap
Use with water sensor adapter
For most Toyota and Honda applications

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About Manufacturer: Greddy
Greddy - Turbo, Exhaust, Gauges & More. A company founded and managed by racers and enthusiasts, GReddy has one prime goal, to develop products that increase performance. To this end, the GReddy spirit of constant evolution shows in every product we offer. The reputation of the GReddy performance line for US spec, European Spec and JDM vehicles is unsurpassed and backed by a sales and service organization second to none. In our Irvine facility we maintain and excellent inventory of product and are able to maintain a 90% fill rate on orders, a number hard to match in today's changing marketplace. Our application listings are extensive, covering most of the popular vehicles with a broad variety of products, We employ a constant customer awareness program with a feed back channel, which is used to further improve our product lines.
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