OMP Rally Gloves Blue | Sm
OMP Rally Gloves Blue | Sm
OMP Rally Gloves Blue | Sm
OMP Rally Gloves Blue | Sm
OMP Rally Gloves Blue | Sm
Model: IB/702
Price: $75.00   

When taking your driving experience to the next level, gloves are one area that quite a few people overlook. Gloves however are an integral part of any racer's gear. OMP knows how important they are, and rightfully so. They have years of experience outfitting drivers in WRC, GT Championships, Endurance Racing, and almost every other form of motorsports imaginable. These gloves not only provide fire protection, just incase, but are made of materials that provide comfort and grip. It is easy to start to loose feeling in your hands after a few laps, that combined with slippery gloves could prove disastrous. Don't skimp out on personal gear in favor of performance mods, the driver that is still fresh after a few laps is more effective then a tired and numb driver.


  •  Suede leather palm for maximum grip on the wheel.
  • Ideal for use in harsh conditions.
  • Elastic wrist stop.
  • Fireproof stretch fabric
  • Sizes: S-XL
  • Complying with ISO 6940 
  • Available in Black, Red, or Blue

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About Manufacturer: OMP Racing
OMP Racing America was put in place to help supply the amazing OMP Safety Equipment Products to the USA market. Vivid Racing is proud to be an authorized OMP Racing distributor. Since 1973, in a small town near Genoa, Italy, Roberto, Claudio and Piergiorgio began to manufacture roll cages and racing accessories for their own racecars in order to gain a competitive edge over fellow competitors. OMP flourished under Percivale ownership up to 2008 when the company sold to the Delprato family. Now in its 39th year, OMP looks to rise to the forefront of the racing accessories industry, and has added several new and different pieces to its widely popular racing line, including the OMP Sport line along with a new segment of lifestyle racing wear for impassioned enthusiasts looking for the very best gear on and off the track.
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