JUN Front Bumper Subaru WRX GDB/GDA
JUN Front Bumper Subaru WRX GDB/GDA
JUN Front Bumper Subaru WRX GDB/GDA
Model: 8002W-F001
Price: $1,090.99   
JUN Front Bumper Spoiler Subaru WRX GDB/GDA

This bumper is made air space at the front bumper bigger than normal. It improves the cooling efficiency of the intercooler and radiator. Air is discharged efficiently by bumper side air duct. It contributes to the stability in high-speed-running because optimal down force is gotten by large-size rip spoiler and side shape. *Fog lamp cover is not contained.

This products ships EMS directly from JUN Machine Shop in Japan. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
About Manufacturer: JUN
JUN Machine Shop of Japan is world renown for producing some of the fastest vehicles with their highly engineered tuning parts. Having proven themselves with such JDM supercars as the Nissan Skyline, JUN also has won many records drag racing the Honda Civic, time attack events with Subaru, and more. Vivid Racing is a direct dealer of JUN Auto Parts and ships direct from JUN to you the customer.
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