Vivid Racing Porsche Upgrade VR825 Horsepower Turbo Kit Porsche 997 Turbo 07-09
Vivid Racing Porsche Upgrade VR825 Horsepower Turbo Kit Porsche 997 Turbo 07-09
Vivid Racing Porsche Upgrade VR825 Horsepower Turbo Kit Porsche 997 Turbo 07-09
Vivid Racing Porsche Upgrade VR825 Horsepower Turbo Kit Porsche 997 Turbo 07-09
Vivid Racing Porsche Upgrade VR825 Horsepower Turbo Kit Porsche 997 Turbo 07-09
Vivid Racing Porsche Upgrade VR825 Horsepower Turbo Kit Porsche 997 Turbo 07-09
Vivid Racing Porsche Upgrade VR825 Horsepower Turbo Kit Porsche 997 Turbo 07-09
Model: VR-997TT-825
Price: $15,000.00   

Streetability, high performance, racing inspired, and proven testing are all words to describe the VR825 power package for the 2007 to 2009 Porsche 997 Turbo. With a true bolt-on Garrett turbo kit for the 996 Turbo in our history, we wanted to take the same development, but enhance it 100% for the 997 Turbo. Realization of what the stock 997 Turbo motor was capable of, set us on the path to create this power kit. Beginning R&D in December 2008, we thrived to develop a bolt-on turbo kit that was capable of 1000 horsepower with engine modifications. For those 997 Turbo owners that do not want to touch the internals of the engine and keep the driveability as well as functionality of their car on a day to day basis is where we end at the VR825 Power Kit. This kit was designed around the daily driver and built to give your 997 Turbo the driveability of a stock car while around town or headed to dinner. However once you get into boost, the car is an insane piece of equipment designed to test your foots threshold.

Update March 2010 - Vivid Racing runs 206.2mph at the Texas Mile with a 60-130 time of 6.04secs!  On MS109 octane and 1.6bar of boost, the car made an incredible 765awhp.  View the update here.




Texas Mile Dyno Testing Porsche 997 Turbo

As tested on our own Porsche 997TT demo car, the VR825 package makes some impressive numbers under real world conditions. We use a Mustang All Wheel Drive Dyno to do our tuning and view delta changes while kept in the most consistent conditions. The Mustang AWD loaded dynamometers are designed to duplicate real world operating conditions. The patented control system uses eddy current power absorbers to load a vehicle exactly the way it would be loaded on the street -- including wind resistance, which is a significant factor in high-speed testing. The Mustang dyno does read lower then other dynamometers out there. We also only test our cars the way they come from the factory, in all wheel drive. Our car in its stock form baselined at 387 all wheel horsepower. With the completed VR Power Kit, the car produced an incredible uncorrected 760 all wheel horsepower. With the correction factor of the Mustang Dyno, this was a plotted dyno amount of 687 all wheel horsepower. Mustang Dyno;s have approximately a 20-25% drivetrain loss which gives our car 825 horsepower to the crank. These tests were done using MS109 race gas and running at 1.5bar on a 4th gear pull. In addition to these strong dyno numbers, we have also brought the car out to test in normal driving scenarios. Using the industry standard GPS based Performance Box with a non-professional driver, our car ran a 60-130mph time in 6.33 seconds. Our 0-60mph was logged at 3.5 seconds. Finally we achieved a standing mile run at 195.7mph with a 10mph NE head wind. Based upon the non controllable factors, the platform of this kit is designed to beat any supercar from 0-200mph!

Product Details:
The core of the VR825 kit is based around Garrett GT3076 .63a/r turbochargers. Together, these ball bearing turbos spool up similar to the stock VTG turbos, however deliver nearly 400 horsepower more of mid to top end power to be used in any driving situation. In conjunction with the Garrett turbos, we utilize Tial 44mm .8bar external wastegates which bypass the stock exhaust system to create brain punishing torque at full boost. The use of these turbos and wastegates requires special headers as the fitment is different then stock. Our headers are hand built in-house using 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel that is TIG welded. Our thick water jetted flanges and custom made merge collector provides you the best performance. The headers bolt to the heads the same, except use a 4 bolt flange to mount the Garrett turbos and require an extension just off the collector for the external wastegate. The turbos cannot make the power on their own and require additional products that we have manufacturer specifically for the VR825 kit. In addition to the headers to mount the turbos, you must also change the oil and water lines. Porsche uses proprietary fittings for their oil and water lines to the VTG turbos. We supply new AN fittings, steel braided oil lines, coated water lines, and banjo bolt fittings to mount to the Garrett turbos. So customers can retain their stock mounted aftermarket exhausts with the Garrett turbos, we include steel black oxide coated exhaust adapters which mount to the turbos to bolt the exhaust too. This enables you to retain your favorite aftermarket exhaust sound and style with out having to get a custom one made.

Turbocharged vehicles need to receive air, and cool air for that matter. Because the stock air box or aftermarket intakes still do not provide the flow and cooler air temps we require, we have relocated the intakes to the fender ducts over the intercoolers. The custom made Agency Power aluminum intake pipes feature appropriate diameter and bends to give you the clearance and retain OEM trim pieces. Once installed, the filter sits on top of the intercoolers inside the modified plastic housing to receive direct and cool air away from the engine bay. The intake pipes include a 1-inch return port for the blow off valve to recirculate. Each intake pipe is connected to the turbo with a 90 degree reinforced silicone coupler. The OEM MAF tube which is removed from the stock intake fits between a high flow K&N cone filter and provided silicone coupler to complete the system. Continuing with our cooling system, we modify the Agency Power high flow bar and plate intercoolers and include the lower 5ply silicone boost hoses that connect to the turbochargers. These intercoolers are 40% more efficient then the stock units. The modified intercoolers feature 76mm aluminum outlets going into the Y-Pipe. This allows us to maintain a full 76mm diameter all the way to the throttle body. The aluminum Y-Pipe features smoother transitions and an internal air guide to efficiently bring air into the engine. Since the stock VTG internal boost recirculation valves are deleted, we include dual Agency Power adjustable blow off valves off of the Y-Pipe. These valves are designed to vent 50/50. This means that 50% of the air is recirculating back into the intake pipe 50% is going to atmosphere. This keeps the MAF sensor happy eliminating any stalling or idle issues 100% vent BOV;s cause while helping the turbos stay spooled between shifts by venting out 50% of the air. The Y-Pipe features a CNC machined mount for the stock MAP sensor and a side mount for the Greddy Profec B boost controller required to use with the Garrett turbos. The kit also includes a special laser jet aluminum plate to separate your moving pulleys and belts from anything that may fall in the way. Not only is this for safety, it also cleans up the engine bay. Next to achieve more air into the intake manifolds, we use the Agency Power race plenum kit. The plenum kit includes the 78mm Cayenne Turbo throttle body mounted to our matching larger aluminum T plenum. All of these pipes are then finished in your choice of powdercoat for an OEM or show look.

Because this kit is using Tial 44mm external wastegates, it is not possible to control the boost with the factory solenoid. We include the Greddy Profec B boost controller which enables you to have different boost settings for pump and race fuel. The Greddy has a high and low boost setting as well as a digital boost read out, memory for peak boost, and even a warning feature in case of over boosting. What brings all of this performance together is the custom ECU tuning by VR Tuned. VR Tuned allows you to flash your ECU through the OBDII port of the vehicle. Their ECU flash for the VR825 kit is designed to eliminate any warning lights from the removal of the VTG turbos. The flash will also raise your rev limiter by 500rpm;s and will retain the sport mode feature for better throttle response. For those running catless, VR Tuned raises the O2 sensor limiters to avoid any check engine lights. VR Tuned reads out a full 1mb of the file to tune each individual timing and lambda tables. This ensures you get the best tune the first time with built in parameters to adjust to race gas and fuel mixtures. With the appropriate MS109 octane fuel, the car can safely run 1.5bar of boost and on pump fuel, 1.3 bar.

Outside of the above listed products, it is required to have an upgraded clutch and performance exhaust system to run this turbo kit. For the clutch system, we recommend the Clutch Masters Stage 3 full disk or Twin Plate with integrated flywheel. Exhaust systems are relatively equal and anything with a high flow muffler and 200cell or less catalytic converters will be sufficient. For those in hotter climates, we recommend equipping the car with an AEM water/meth injection kit while running pump fuel. Individual parts are available through Agency Power dealers while the VR825 kit is exclusively available through Vivid Racing. Full installation instructions are provided and fitment is recommended only for professional mechanics. Vivid Racing does offer transportation to our facility for installation of this kit. VR825 kits installed at Vivid Racing receive an additional 2 year/15,000 mile warranty on parts and labor. For any questions, please contact or call us at 1-480-966-3040.  View Installation Pictures Here.



Oct 2 Speedworld Drag Racing Porsche 997TT

New Dyno Results, 756awhp

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