Cusco Comp-S Coilovers Honda Civic 96-00
Cusco Comp-S Coilovers Honda Civic 96-00
Cusco Comp-S Coilovers Honda Civic 96-00
Cusco Comp-S Coilovers Honda Civic 96-00
Model: 317 600 A
Price: $1,307.00   Sale: $1,150.16
The Cusco Comp-S coilover system is a basic coil-over suspension kit that features lock nut ride height adjustability with proper damping force settings for sport driving at an affordable price and performance. The Cusco "Best Pre-set Damping Force" is determined by measuring and road testing many factors such as corner weight, vehicle weight transfer rate to find the best settings for each vehicles specification and characteristics.

The Twin-tube shock absorbers have two separated fluid areas; inner cylinder controls piston and shaft moving up and down. Outer cylinder works as hydraulic fluid reservoir only. Combination of Low pressure Nitrogen gas and base valves provide fluid flow control between both cylinders while main piston valve control most of damping. Twin-tube shock has longer stroke and life than Mono-tube type. Two valves damping control works great for passenger comfort.

All Comp-S components passed more than 500 hours of anti-rust salt spraying test, ensuring prevention of sticking brackets and cartridge together caused by rusting, keeping each coil-over kit clean and lasting longer.

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About Manufacturer: Cusco
CUSCO has a brilliant record and history in the top categories of track racing, rallying, dirt trials and gymkhana. By staying continuously in touch with each cars potential and character, they can create settings for almost any car. From this experience in motorsports, they developed confidence in their CUSCO brand for street use. The CARROSSER competition products are developed one by one from their broad and long experience in competing in motorsports, and based on their extensive data and know-how. CUSCO responds to those who appreciate such matters, like driving a car or controlling its performance.
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