Greddy Multi Gauge Turbo Gauge
Greddy Multi Gauge Turbo Gauge
Greddy Multi Gauge Turbo Gauge
Greddy Multi Gauge Turbo Gauge
Greddy Multi Gauge Turbo Gauge
Model: 16001700
Price: $430.00   Sale: $402.05
We know the headache that gauges cause. But we also know how important they are to keep an eye on things under the hood. Wiring multiple gauges through the firewall can be a huge hassle, and potentially a safety issue. Not only that, but then you are left with a bunch of gauges to mount around your interior. Greddy knows this, so they designed their Multi gauge, and Multi Gauge Sensor Unit.

The Greddy Multi Gauge is a large 62mm (2.44") hybrid digital-analog gauge. Select from Turbo or Oil Pressure analog dials, and then choose between 2 pieces of data to monitor in the integrated EL digital display. The sender unit however will monitor Boost, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Water Temperature, Oil Temperature, Voltage and EGT (Sensors sold separately unless in a kit). The included wireless remote controls all functions, including selection of viewed sensors, 7 color LED back lighting, Peak-Hold, and Warning features.

Greddy knows that running a ton of wires through your firewall is anything but ideal. So they made installation a snap. The waterproof Sender Unit allows for sensors and sensor harnesses to remain in the engine bay. A single communication cable is routed through the engine firewall to the driver compartment. From there a simple 4-wire power connection under the dash completes the wiring.

  • Numeric and Bar-graph digital readout can display 2 additional readings
  • Selectable 7-color LED Back lighting (white, yellow, green, blue, light-blue, purple, red)
  • Animated Start-up Sequence
  • Peak Hold Recall
  • Warning Point Alarm
  • LED Illuminated back Logo
  • Voltage reading via power harness
  • Water-resistant Center Unit, labeled and pre-wired for optional sensors
  • This Kit Includes:
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Sensor Center Unit
  • Main & Power Harness
  • Boost Sensor
  • Sensor Harness
  • Gauge Holder
  • About Manufacturer: Greddy
    Greddy - Turbo, Exhaust, Gauges & More. A company founded and managed by racers and enthusiasts, GReddy has one prime goal, to develop products that increase performance. To this end, the GReddy spirit of constant evolution shows in every product we offer. The reputation of the GReddy performance line for US spec, European Spec and JDM vehicles is unsurpassed and backed by a sales and service organization second to none. In our Irvine facility we maintain and excellent inventory of product and are able to maintain a 90% fill rate on orders, a number hard to match in today's changing marketplace. Our application listings are extensive, covering most of the popular vehicles with a broad variety of products, We employ a constant customer awareness program with a feed back channel, which is used to further improve our product lines.
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