*Vivid Racing Stage 4 Power Kit 500HP Subaru STI 04-07
*Vivid Racing Stage 4 Power Kit 500HP Subaru STI 04-07
*Vivid Racing Stage 4 Power Kit 500HP Subaru STI 04-07
*Vivid Racing Stage 4 Power Kit 500HP Subaru STI 04-07
*Vivid Racing Stage 4 Power Kit 500HP Subaru STI 04-07
Model: VR-STG4-STI0407
Price: $3,400.00   
Vivid Racing;s Stage 4 kit is for the STI owner that wants beat up the Porsche;s, GTR;s, and other strong tuner vehicles on and off the track.  The Stage 4 features 500 horsepower on pump gas to the crank giving you more room to break spirits on race gas.  The stock 2.5L motor handles up to 23lbs of boost with no issues and can put out some strong torque and horsepower.  Completely designed and engineered by Vivid Racing inconjunction with Agency Power products, the Stage 4 kit features bolt on products that are reliable, proven, and stylish.  The basis for our Stage 4 kit is the Garrett GT35R turbo kit by Agency Power.  To obtain this power, you will need corresponding modifications as we have listed in the below options.  The most important part of this kit is fueling and ECU tuning which Vivid Racing has accomplished with dyno testing using our Mustang AWD dynamometer.  Our test car made 396 awhp on 91 pump octane.  With a drivetrain loss of 25% for the Mustang dyno, this is 500HP to the crank.  Expect higher numbers on 93octane and race gas.  In combination with a turboback exhaust, intercooler kit, fuel system, and other bits and pieces, this Stage 4 kit will rocket you past the competition. 

The VR ECU Flash requires you to mail in your ECU to us unless you have the appropriate OBDII cable where we can email you the files to load to your car.  Regional customers can come in to receive the ECU flash dyno tuned.  The VR Flash can also add a 2 Step Launch Control to your vehicle.  Please see VR Flash Instructions Here.

The VR Stage 4 Kit Starts with the Turbo Upgrade, then select other add-on components below:

  • Garrett GT35R Ball Bearing Turbo
  • Tial 38mm Wastegate
  • 3inch Catless Downpipe
  • Rotated Mount Catless Uppipe
  • Wastegate Dump Tube
  • Silicone Couplers
  • Oil and Water Lines and Fittings
  • Necessary Gaskets
  • K&N Filter and Air Intake Tube
  • Blow Through MAF Tube
  Choose Available Options:

Turbo Kit Options:
Select below to add any products
Agency Power Cold Air Intake ( + $245.00 )
Agency Power Exhaust System ( + $700.00 )
Agency Power Fuel Rails ( + $285.00 )
Agency Power Header w/Uppipe ( + $400.00 )
Agency Power Injectors ( + $500.00 )
Agency Power Intercooler Kit ( + $1,250.00 )
Clutch Masters Stage 3 Clutch Kit ( + $695.00 )
Denso Iridium Spark Plugs ( + $48.00 )
VR ECU Flash Tuning ( + $500.00 )
Walbro 255l/hr Fuel Pump ( + $80.00 )
Greddy Profec B Boost Controller ( + $380.00 )
ECU options:
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