Tomei 2.2L 87mm Engine Kit w/Bearings Nissan 240SX SR20DET 89-02
Tomei 2.2L 87mm Engine Kit w/Bearings Nissan 240SX SR20DET 89-02
Tomei 2.2L 87mm Engine Kit w/Bearings Nissan 240SX SR20DET 89-02
Model: 250006
Price: $3,850.00   Sale: $3,536.23
Tomei complete engine kits contain everything you need to bump the displacement of your engine while adding some additional strength to the engine internals. Included in every kit are Tomeis famous Forged Pistons, Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods, and their Forged Full-Counter Crankshaft.

All the engine internals are brought to static temperature (20 degrees Celcius) and blueprinted with 0.040~0.060mm clearance bearings. This eliminates the measureing and blueprinting process for the customer, so the kit can be installed with less hassle.

  • Application: SR20DET
  • Bore: 87mm
  • Stroke: 91.0mm
  • Displacement: 2163cc
  • Piston Crown: 18cc
Competition Bearings

When tuning engines for higher horsepower output and high RPM, the bearings are subjected to extreme load conditions. These harsh conditions require the bearings to be able to cope with excessive loads and stress conditions.

The Tomei Competition Bearing Series are designed for fatigue resistance, durability, effective lubrication and resistance to scoring. Designed for use on engines that will be producing 1,000 HP and at over 10,000 RPM. These advanced designed bearings are suitable for the serious professionals in mind who need results.

Tomei includes their competition bearing products with all of their engine kits.
About Manufacturer: Tomei
Mr. Seiichi Suzuki initially forged Tomei is a tuning factory for race cars back in 1968. From that day on, Tomei achieved excellent results in various motor sports categories. Tomei was then recognized for its technology, performance and reliability that we had cultivated into our own design products and had a large support base from motor sports end users and tuners.

With the new market trends and demands, motoring enthusiasts wanted better performance to suit the new modern lifestyle. This trend helped set the stage where originality can play an active part in the motor sports scene and personal motoring lifestyle.
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