R Magic Rear Bumper Mazda RX-8 03-11
R Magic Rear Bumper Mazda RX-8 03-11
R Magic Rear Bumper Mazda RX-8 03-11
Model: RMS1300
Price: $919.99   
R-Magic has been working on Rotary Engines in Japan for over 10 years. Their rear under spoiler for the RX8 is a very high quality bumper for your vehicle. It is made of high quality japanese fiberglass. This rear spoiler adds on to your factory bumper to offer an aggressive look. Comes with everything neccessary for installation. Special order only.
R Magic Rear Bumper Mazda RX-8 03-11 Reviews:
TEXT_OF_5_STARS Posted on 06/08/2012 by by James
"JDM is the only way to go! The R-magic rear underskirt is great.It adds very clean styling to the rear valance as it should have come from the factory.This a FRP part, 1/8" in thickness that needs very little in the way modding.They have added tabs just above the top center of the exhaust openings that need to be cut off to allow the bumper to fit proper.Also in the same area,you will have to add 1/8" of fiberglass in thickness on the top edge to match the body lines for about 4 1/2" in length for it to be perfect.Youre body shop could as well use seam sealer for an easier fix before paint. Make sure to add 3M double side tape to the top of the gray OEM skirt to help hold the top edge.Other than these 2 things, OEM fitment Perfection and great execution as is always from the Japanese. " They seek the perfection of what ever they persue." I would purchase again if needed.This part is a must have for a clean OEM look. 04RX8,NC"
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