Neuspeed Engine Torque Arm Mount Kit Audi Volkswagen
Neuspeed Engine Torque Arm Mount Kit Audi Volkswagen
Neuspeed Engine Torque Arm Mount Kit Audi Volkswagen
Model: 22.10.91
Price: $39.95   
Neuspeed Engine Torque Arm Mount Kit Audi VW

Under hard acceleration, your entire engine and transmission actually rotates due to compliance in the factory bushings. While the soft factory bushings do a good job of damping engine vibration, they can also create a rubbery, vague response in the vehicles powertrain.

Our torque arm insert works in concert with the OE rubber bushing. With the insert installed, you cars throttle response will feel better and your shifts will feel more crisp and defined, especially on manual transmission cars.

Fits all engine/transmission combinations for the following vehicles:

Audi A3 2006-up
Audi TT MK2 2.0T 2008-up
Audi TT MK2 3.2 Quattro 2008-up
VW EOS 3.2
VW GTI MKV 2006-up
VW Jetta V 2005-up
VW Passat B6 2006-up
VW R32 MKV 2008-up
VW Rabbit MKV 2006-up

Please note that polyurethane is not as compliant as rubber. As a result, you may notice a slight increase in ride harshess and engine vibration after installation.
About Manufacturer: Neuspeed
Neuspeed performance racing products are designed to provide the VW and Audi enthusiast with the best products for their vehicle. With intense R&D, Neuspeed has developed high quality and dyno proven intakes, exhausts, pulleys, ECU tunes, and more products. Their suspension upgrades have won many races on the track and helped street drivers improve their handling. With its history back to 1975, Neuspeed products are guaranteed to enhance your VW or Audi to continue the enjoyment of owning a performance European vehicle.
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