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57Motorsport wheels are built in Japan by Rays Engineering. Rays, the designers behind the worldwide popular Volk Racing wheel, have created the 57Motorsport brand. Originally implemented for the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) to meet their strict rules of lightweight cast wheels, 57Motorsport has furthered their product line. Since Rays has been very successful at the engineering of forged wheels, and their casting abilities, the 57Motorsport line has spread to feature even more race inspired forged wheels.

The designs are tailored to exhibit high rigidity and anti-flex properties most important in a racing wheel. 57Motorsport wheels are lightweight, fit most big brake kits, feature reinforced rim barrels and offer racing technologies like a knurled bead seat to prevent tire slippage for high horsepower applications.

57Motorsport wheels are tested to meet Japan's JWL standards for alloy wheels. However, RAYS own JWL + R standards are set to go above and beyond what is required by JWL to meet RAYS higher standards for quality, consistency and fine-tuned design.

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