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Fuel System Upgrades

What is a Fuel System? | Fuel System Upgrades

Cars have evolved dramatically over the last decade, and the biggest issue that manufacturers have addressed with these advances is the amount of fuel used by the engine. As a result, the fuel systems found in modern cars can become quite complicated. Luckily, the most complex means of saving fuel for vehicles involves programming in the ECU. Physically, only a handful of fuel system layouts can be found under the hoods of modern cars. 

The fuel system's function is to store and supply fuel to the cylinder chamber, mixed with air, vaporized, and burned to generate energy. The fuel, which can be either petrol or diesel, is stored in a fuel tank. A fuel pump removes the fuel from the tank utilizing a fuel line and delivers it through a fuel filter to either a carburetor or a fuel injector and then delivers it to the combustion cylinder chamber.

What are the parts of a Fuel System that needs Upgrading?

Fuel Lines

Even though you can increase fuel flow and your safety factor with fuel lines, fittings, and hoses, we know that this is often an upgrade made for appearance. Bright stainless steel flanged hose connected to colorful anodized aluminum AN fittings are just as much a part of custom car construction and hot-rolling as chrome and fat tires. But whatever you want to do with your fuel system, look, performance, or both, we've got the components for the job. Our flexible hose selection ranges from traditional woven steel chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) synthetic rubber to the latest woven Teflon hose in a wide range of inner and outer diameters.

Fuel Injectors

Making modifications or upgrades to your engine may require you to upgrade your fuel injectors as well. If you are changing your fuel system or your exhaust headers, you will need to replace your fuel injectors with a high-performance injector. Are you replacing cylinder heads or throttle bodies? You will need to replace your fuel injectors. So replace them with the best. Vivid Racing carries fuel injectors from the top manufacturers in the high-performance industry. If you are replacing your fuel injectors, you may want a Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Fuel Regulator, and your Fuel Cap.

Fuel Cells

In the event of a shunt or accident, the fuel cell is designed to hold all of the fuel even if it is deformed, rolled over, or directly impacted. Using a safety fuel cell in a racing vehicle is no less important than wearing a helmet or a seat belt. The Fuel Cell is a vital part of making you fast and keeping you safe during the competition. A Fuel Safe fuel cell gives its user a much higher performance level by keeping the fuel from moving around the tank and ensuring that every last possible drop of fuel is used.

Fuel Pumps

High-performance fuel pumps are a must for the performance vehicle. Without a quality fuel pump, your engine will not perform as it should. Low fuel pressure can wreak havoc on a high-performance engine. When you hit the gas, you want to go without any hesitation. Our performance fuel pumps and racing fuel pumps can get you the response you are looking for from your engine. Buy one of our high-performance fuel pumps and you will see a dramatic improvement in your car's performance. 

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