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Vivid Racing: Hood Pins

Hood pins are a trendy feature that can be easily added to any car. But do you know that they served a significant purpose? In case the main lock fails ??? it prevents the hood board from floating open at speed ??? these pins press and hold the hood. This is why a lot of supercars especially racetrack cars require caps to be mounted on competition cars.

More significantly, lightweight custom hood producers also suggest the use of hood pins since lightweight hoods tend to lift ??? particularly if the design incorporates wind catching air scoops.

When you look through the product section of our pins, variations in clips and scuff plates are the main difference. Here is the list our products for the aftermarket pins:

  • Hairpin Safety Clips
  • Captive Scuff Pads
  • Pins
  • Locking Key
  • Lanyard
  • Q Clips
  • Scuff Plate
  • Twist Lock Pins

Hairpin Safety Clips

It is a type of 2-shaft clip, related in design and performance to an aluminum pin. On top of the hood pin, one shaft slips into the eyehole and the other shaft attaches around the bottom of the handle. When the hairpin clip is attached, the tension keeps it safe.

Some of Our Performance Products

  • Allstar
  • Trans-Dapt

Captive Scuff Pads

A scuff pad type aimed at securing the clip not just to the pin but also with the scuff pad. These offer a little more power and are a good option for vehicles with wider and more bulky hoods. Typically Q-clips is used by captive scuff pads.

Some of Our Performance Products

  • Go Rhino Dominator D3 Black
  • Go Rhino Dominator D3 Silver Aluminum


In fact, pins are the bolts attached to the car below the hood. Through holes cut out from the cap pans themselves, they stand above the hood level. Pins can differ in design, but they all have an eyehole on the top of the clips. They are generally referred to as "hood pins."

Some of Our Performance Products

  • Sparco
  • Trans Dapt
  • Mr. Gasket

Locking Key

It is a close design to Twist Lock Pins, except the key is removable. The hood can be opened in the 'unlocked' position. The hood is safeguarded by the pin in the locked position. These have no separate clips, such as many cap pin assemblies.

Some of Our Performance Products

  • Yukon
  • Rugged Ridge


A set of short wires that offer extra protection from the opening cap (usually made of braided metal). At each end of the lanyards is an eyehole. One hole appears to fit the end of a clip or the pin itself, as well as the other end fits into the car.

Some of Our Performance Products

  • Mr. Gasket
  • Racing Power
  • Allstar
  • Trans Dapt

Q Clips

These are clips with the main shaft positioned in the middle of the pin eyehole. The shaft is designed to preserve snugly within the eyehole. At the end of each clip, a circular ring is attached and then used to pick up the entire clip. Often these are called torsion clips, flip-over clips, or slide pins.

Some of Our Performance Products

  • Rugged Ridge
  • Alba Racing
  • Polaris

Scuff Plates

Scuff plates are created to avoid clips on your hood to spray the paint. They are usually made of aluminum or steel and feature soft padded beads between themselves and the hood panel, to help avoid hood damage too though.

Some of Our Performance Products

  • Allstar
  • Mr. Gasket

Twist Lock Pins

A much less usual configuration in which the pin isn't attached to the vehicle permanently. The pin is then attached to a button above the handle. Switch the knob one way and the pin locks into an anchor component attached to the frame of the car. Twist the button in the opposite direction and remove the whole pin to open the cap.

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