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OEM Brake Sensors

OEM Brake Sensors

Electronic brake pad wear sensors are now standard equipment on a wide range of new vehicles, particularly in Europe. They alert you when it's time to replace your brake pads with new ones. But how do they function? And how frequently should they be replaced? Electronic brake pad wear sensors take the role of the more usual metal squealer tabs in braking systems. Once the pads have approached the end of their service lifespan, their tabs brush on the rotor. It alerts the driver that the brakes need to be serviced by emitting a loud squeal.

Electronics have enhanced the performance of every system in contemporary automobiles, including your brakes. Anti-lock braking systems, which prevent wheel locking for safe, controlled stops, as well as pad wear, fluid level, brake fluid pressure, and parking brake warning systems, are now widespread. Sensors and switches are used in all of these systems to provide data to control components and to open and close electrical components.

Besides the squealing, the disadvantage is that most drivers disregard the warning because they believe the sound will go away. Electronic brake wear sensors remove this noise and provide a more precise estimate of brake pad life.

Low Fluid Level Brake Sensor

The most essential sensors and switches in your brake system warn you when there's an issue, such as a loss of pressure or a low fluid level. When there is a leakage and a pressure loss in a hydraulic circuit, the differential pressure switch flashes a brake warning light. A leak will result in a low brake pedal and reduced braking capacity. Therefore driver should check the brakes right once. A leak might potentially create a low fluid level in the master cylinder.

Brake Sensor: Wear Warning

A switch lights a warning light when the parking brake pedal is pressed, reminding you to remove them before driving. Driving with the parking brakes on will result in excessive wear and, if the car is driven a long distance, potentially costly damages. When you press down on the brake pedal, the stop lamp switch triggers the brake lights. The same switch also disables some vehicles' cruise control and torque converter clutch when the pedal is pushed. Rather than a switch, some modern cars utilize a brake pedal position sensor to give information to the engine and body control configurations.

If there is a problem with the ABS system, the warning light will illuminate. The ABS system will be disabled, but normal braking will be unaffected if the brake warning signal is not on. To restore ABS operation, drivers should examine the system as quickly as feasible. The ABS wheel speed sensor communicates wheel speed to the ABS control module through a voltage signal. If one wheel starts to slow down much quicker than the others during braking, the control module reduces hydraulic pressure to that wheel to avoid lockup on the axle shaft, wheel hub, or differential ring gear.

Double Purpose of Brake Wear Sensors

Brake wear sensors have a few extra tricks up their sleeves these days. They can not only alert the driver when brake repair is required, but they can also predict how long your existing brake pads will last. Two-stage sensors, often known as trick sensors, use two resistor circuits running parallel at two levels. The resistance in the sensor grows when the initial resistive circuit breaks. This is used to collect brake pressure, wheel speed, brake disc temperature, brake operation time, and mileage to determine how long your brake pads have left. This is generally shown in the information center of your automobile or as a warning light that changes color as the pad wears. The circuit comes open after the second circuit is broken. This activates the brake warning light, signaling that it's time for brake maintenance.

Pad wear sensors are standard on many cars with disc brakes. The sensors are linked to the brake pads in most devices, and when the pads wear to a certain thickness, the sensors touch the brake rotors and activate a light on the dashboard, notifying the driver that pad replacement is required. The sensor's location is adjusted to leave sufficient pad substance for the repair to be planned in time. You must change pad wear sensors with the pads since they are "sacrificial components." You may find these sensors and any other braking sensors and switches on our digital shelves.

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