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What is the Importance of Motor Oil in an Engine?

Oil is like blood for engines. Without it, engines simply wouldn’t work. Or they would for a while, and then explode. The basic functions of oil within the engine include the reduction of friction, cooling, sealing, cleaning and protection of moving parts. But it is often taken for granted. This article will examine the basics of lubrication and the different types and characteristics of the oil.

When the car is started, the engine parts, including the pistons, create friction in the engine. As the speed of the car is increased, the pistons work harder to pump oil throughout the engine. Motor oil creates a slippery lubricating coating so that moving parts can move more smoothly. Without oil lubrication, friction in the moving parts of the engine is severely compromised and compression is reduced, resulting in an inability to achieve optimum speed and performance.

The lubricating coating that oil provides also protects the engine. Imagine, for example, putting two pieces of metal moving against each other. Over time, without lubrication, the metal will begin to wear. This is how the engine works without engine oil. Motor oil protects the moving parts of the engine from coming in contact with each other.

Contrary to the common opinion, antifreeze is not responsible for the cooling mechanism of the entire vehicle; only the high part of the engine is cooled by the antifreeze on your radiator. The friction in the moving engine parts creates heat. Motor oil is responsible for cooling the friction produced in the lower parts of the car, including the crankshaft, timing gears, pistons, rod bearings and camshafts, according to the Motor Oil Evaluator website. Without the engine oil's cooling capability, the engine will be susceptible to frequent overheating.

Why is an Oil Change Important?

For one, it improves gas mileage. Low lubrication of the engine can lead to higher fuel consumption so that the engine is clean enough. In the U.S. energy department, gas mileage can be improved by 1-2% over time with routine changes and the correct kind of oil. This doesn't seem to be so much an improvement, but it saves an entire gallon of gas for a year for the average car.

Dirt particles are deadly to the engine. Over time, dirt can cause corrosion and reduce the life of the engine. As time goes on, oil breaks down and turns to "sludge." The name of the game is to keep the engine clean. Routine oil and filter changes help to remove particles and sludge and keep engines at their peak.

Some engine oils are responsible for restoring the engine. Special engine oil blends, such as synthetic and high-mileage oils, are formulated to restore the engine's function. Over time, high mileage can lead to less than satisfactory performance of the engine. These engine oils are used to restore the engine to its normal factory condition, providing increased compression and performance.

Simple and simple, routine maintenance makes your vehicle last longer. Buildup from dirty oil robs the fuel economy and power of the vehicle and makes the internal components work harder. The engine that works too hard will end up having more problems along the road as well as a shorter life span. According to Kelley Blue Book, the valuation of cars increases at the time of resale if regular maintenance has been confirmed.

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