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AAM Competition Stage One Fuel Systems Nissan 350Z 03-06


AAM Competition

Model #35FS-FRSBFR

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Got Twin Turbos on a 350Z? Want Forced Induction on the VQ? Supercharging a 350Z? Well, now you can get the fuel setup that makes it all work together properly with the AAM Stage I Fuel Return System for your 350Z!

The AAM Stage I Fuel Return System for the Nissan 350Z is a direct, bolt-on kit that will convert a current factory return less fuel system to a full return fuel system. The Stock, return less system in the 350Z offers only minimal adjustment to the amount of fuel the engine requires for peak performance. The factory system is cheaper to produce and works okay for the stock, naturally aspirated setup. But the factory setup has several limitations if it is used with forced induction.

One limiting aspect of the factory return less system is that the factory fuel pressure regulator is installed in the fuel tank. Further, the factory fuel pressure regulator does not allow precise fuel pressure adjustments and is not capable of maintaining constant fuel pressure with most aftermarket fuel pumps. The factory fuel pressure regulator does not increase fuel pressure when the engine is under boost. This means that the engine is starving for GAS!

The AAM Stage I Fuel Return System is a must have for any forced induction supercharged or turbocharged vehicle and any big shot nitrous vehicles. The AAM Stage I Fuel Return System replaces the factory regulator's limited control of fuel pressure with a vacuum or boost sensitive adjustable fuel pressure regulator. This allows you to adjust and set both the level of base fuel pressure and increase fuel pressure that is delivered when under boost. .

AAM's bolt-in kit is a direct replacement and upgrade to the stock, factory fuel system. Included is a High Performance set of AAM Spec CNC Billet Aluminum Fuel Rails with a 500% flow improvement over stock, a complete set of AN stainless steel lines and fittings, fully pre-assembled and pressure tested to greatly reduce installation time, a boost referenced fuel pressure regulator, and precision fuel pressure gauge. Together with a full set of instructions complete with detailed photos for an easy, straightforward installation. This kit is a must for any high-horsepower Nissan 350Z!


  • Adjustable base fuel pressure 35psi to 65psi
  • Fuel pressure increases with boost pressure
  • Fuel rails are individually fed for equalized fuel flow
  • Billet Machined fuel rails for long, leak proof life
  • Larger inside fuel rail diameter increases fuel flow
  • Redesigned injector hood that streamlines fuel flow
  • Allows fuel to flow to the injectors more easily
  • Allows fuel to flow to the injectors more easily


  • Nissan 350Z 03-06

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