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Accessories are typically used to enhance the appearance or functionality of a new vehicle or to enhance the style or functionality of an existing vehicle. On this basis, car accessories are classified as either essential or non-essential. These accessories not only enhance your vehicle's appearance, but also its performance. The driveline is the component of the vehicle that transmits power from the engine and transmission to the wheels, allowing the vehicle to move. It is composed of numerous interconnected parts. While the specific accessories for a driveline vary according to the vehicle's design and configuration (e.g., front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive), they typically include the following: automatic transmission fill plug, clutch pivot ball, automatic transmission input/output sensor, standard ignition, automatic transmission vacuum modulator, clutch cable wing nut, axle shift motor, standard ignition, automatic transmission extension housing seal, automatic transmission conductor plates.


The automatic transmission in your car is one of the most complex and critical systems in the vehicle. Automatic transmission fluid is a mixture of oils and other fluids that cleanses the transmission of contaminants, lubricates the moving parts, and cools overheated components. Additionally, the fluid provides the pressure necessary for certain other components to function properly. The pump circulates the automatic transmission fluid throughout the transmission, ensuring that the fluid pressure is maintained at the proper level. This is not to be confused with the water pump in your vehicle, which circulates water through various systems. The torque converter is a separate component that connects the engine and transmission. It converts the engine's raw power into torque that the transmission can use via hydraulic fluid pressure. The planetary gear set converts the torque converter's power to the proper force for the wheels. This is where the change occurs when you accelerate and change gears. The bands and clutches in an automatic transmission control the engagement, disengagement, and rotation of the transmission's gears. The bands and clutches are used to physically connect the planetary gear set to the motor, whereas the sensors are the computers that determine how the transmission's gears should be configured in order to generate the desired amount of power. The sensors adjust the bands, clutches, and gears as necessary based on the engine's power, your input via the accelerator, and other factors. They do this continuously, ensuring that the vehicle always accelerates in the desired direction. Moreover, the valve body controls the hydraulic automatic transmission fluid. The valve body regulates the flow of fluid to the bands and clutches. The body ensures that the proper amount of pressurized fluid is delivered to each band and clutch, ensuring that they turn the gears properly. All of these accessories are necessary for the driveline to operate properly.


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