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ADS Racing Shocks 2.125" Emulsion Style Coil-over Race Shock 16" Stroke


ADS Racing Shocks

Model #213-COE16-000

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Coil Over Shocks 2.125 Inch Emulsion ADS Racing Shocks. On the road or on the trail, ADS coil over shocks are built to last a lifetime. Coil over, which is short for coil spring over shock, is simply a shock with a coil spring incorporated over the body. ADS coil over shocks are built using the some of the strongest materials available. For example, all ADS coil overs use a 7075 aluminum shock piston, which is more than twice as strong as 6061, to resist cracking and warping from the extreme heat generated by off road use. On ADS 3 Inch and larger diameter coil overs the shaft material is upgraded to induction hardened shafting with a hard chrome finish due to the extreme demands placed upon larger diameter shocks.

A shock absorber works by converting kinetic energy into heat which is absorbed, and eventually dissipated by the shock fluid. In on road applications the shock shaft moves very little and as a result the heat created by the movement is minimal. In off road applications the shaft moves a greater distance and often at a greater rate. In these conditions the shock is generating a lot of kinetic energy and therefore a lot of heat. The strength of the material used to build the shock will dictate the longevity of the shock. By using the strongest materials and the finest fluids, ADS shocks are designed to serve customers for a very long time.

Here are some of the features that set ADS Coil Over shocks apart from performance series shocks:

  • Shock Body-Precision honed steel body which is zinc plated to prevent corrosion and ceramic coated for protection from the elements
  • Shock components-Billet 6061 aluminum parts with an anodize black finish, for greater strength than competitors' cast components.
  • Piston-Race-inspired 7075 hard anodized billet aluminum piston for superior strength. Set screws allow for more precise tuning over various speeds of driving.
  • Wear band-Teflon coated bronze with overlapping ends for cooler operating temperatures while maintaining positive seal.
  • Valving-Precision ground and stamped to ensure precise dampening control.
  • Shock oil-High Performance 10 weight shock oil providing greater temperature-viscosity stability, and resistance to foaming/cavitation.
  • Shaft-Hard chrome plated shaft has a large diameter for greater strength.
  • Shaft Seals-Proprietary rod seals for leak free assurance even under the extreme pressures of repeated hard hits.
  • Reservoir-Lightweight Air Cylinder Quality aluminum cylinder for heat dissipation and dependability. Billet threaded caps to eliminate leaking, and prevent dirt and moisture contamination.
  • Nitrogen valve-Protective billet aluminum cap to eliminate damage or leakage.
  • Hose-High quality, large, steel lined, rubber hose for more efficient fluid transfer with o-ring seals on both ends.
  • Bearings-Large replaceable Teflon lined bearings, Made in the U.S.A, for outstanding durability.
  • Mounting-Billet stainless steel heim spacers with a captive design ease installation.
  • Spring adjuster-Billet aluminum with releasable pinch bolt for ease of adjustment.
  • Coil-Over threads-Standard pitch thread for precise thread engagement
  • Coil divider-Composite design with an extended neck for improved spring alignment.
  • Dual rate nuts-Allows a softer initial rate and a stiffer final rate control in various types of terrain.
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Who Is ADS Racing Shocks

Shocks play a crucial role when it comes to vehicle performance. Not only does it affects vehicle handling, but it also helps keep the vehicle well planted on the road, giving better traction. When it comes to offroading, it is crucial that you use high-quality shocks as it is a very demanding activity. A factory shock is designed to give you riding comfort during your daily commute, but for extreme activities, it is a must that you upgrade it with better performing shocks, just like what ADS Racing offers.

How It All Started

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, ADS Racing Shocks is an aftermarket company that has been manufacturing and servicing off-road shocks and dampeners since 1989. ADS was born from a passion for off-roading and a mission to deliver components that met or exceeded the unique needs of off-road drivers. To this day, everything the company does is rooted in that same passion and is considered one of the leading brands for the aftermarket shocks in the market. 

Giving Quality Shocks For Decades

Since its inception more than 30 years ago, ADS has earned recognition for being a premier manufacturer of high-end off-road racing and rock-crawling shocks. ADS Racing Shocks offers the most rugged and responsive shocks on the market. ADS shocks are born from years of meticulous design and rigorous testing to ensure they surpass all expectations, whether it be for OEM or off-road vehicles. All ADS components are manufactured and assembled in-house to maintain the highest standard of quality and control.

What Does ADS Racing Shocks Offer?

ADS Racing Shocks produces a complete line of off-road shock absorbers for various OEM and custom applications. You can find ADS racing shocks on just about every kind of off-road vehicle, including sand cars, full-blown Baja racers, and dual-purpose daily drivers. 

Quality Products Made In the USA

ADS shocks are designed to deliver uncompromised performance regardless of the vehicle or application. It is 100% manufactured in the USA and is built to bridge the gap between full race and performance series shocks. ADS products are CNC machined and hand-assembled to deliver premium quality.

Throughout the years, ADS Racing Shocks has leveraged its extensive experience in shock tuning and racing to deliver the most refined quality bolt-on shock absorbers that perform specifically for your application. The brand is dedicated to producing solid products through quality engineering, innovative designs, and thorough manufacturing processes while employing state-of-the-art machinery and an in-house team of experienced engineers. The thousands of hours that ADS spends testing and optimizing its products can be seen and felt in every shock absorber it builds.

Upgrade To ADS Racing Shocks Today

If you love off-roading and only want the best products for your vehicle, then do not settle for less and choose ADS Racing Shocks. Vivid Racing carries an extensive lineup of ADS products, including shocks, hand tools, axles, piston positioning tools, shaft clamps, and shaft bump stops. If you have any questions regarding ADS Racing Shocks or need help finding a particular part, please call Vivid Racing’s specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040. Take control of your off-road vehicle with ADS shocks today!

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