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What Makes Advan Wheels Special

Yokohama is one of the most prominent names in the automobile wheel and tire industry. They created the Yokohama Advan branch to develop innovative wheels that cater their brand and spearhead their vision of providing the best high-performance wheels on the road and track.

Crafted out of advanced processing techniques like mold-form-forging, spin-forging, and flow-form-casting, Yokohama Advan wheels are some of the best wheels on the market when it comes to strength and weight. They also come in a number of unique designs to satisfy the ever-changing needs and demands of consumers.

Denoting its name from the word “Advance”, Advan aims to use technological advancement to stay ahead of the pack. Regardless if you are searching for Advan GT, RSII, TCII, or any other Advan wheels, Vivid Racing is the best place to get your Advan wheels!